Mr Paul Banwell, Plastic Surgeon, treats Breast Implant Illness (BII)

Breast Implant Illness (BII) is a rare condition which affects ladies with a hypersensitive immune system. In predisposed individuals, any implanted foreign body such as a breast implant, dental implant, coil, orthopaedic implant and heart implants can potentially lead to systemic symptoms including joint pain, headaches, numbness, tingling, ‘brain fog’, dizziness and other autoimmune type problems. Over two decades ago there were some concerns that in a small minority of patients breast implants could be responsible for systemic joint pains and non-specific fatigue-type symptoms within the body. The so-called ‘silicone crisis’ was thought to be due autoimmune-mediated events within the body but independent government scientific reviews around the world found no apparent causal relationship between silicone and auto-immune mediated problems.

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Kerastem hair treatment London, UK

Mr Paul Banwell, Consultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon is delighted to be able to offer an exciting new treatment for hair restoration in his Harley Street practice, London. Mr Banwell is the first in the UK to offer the commercially-available Kerastem system which combines advanced Pure Graft fat transfer techniques alongside cutting edge stem cell technology.

The Kerastem system has been shown to prevent hair loss and stimulates new hair growth in clinical research studies. This hair restoration treatment is performed as a day case for both male and female patients with early/mild hair loss. It is a one-off single procedure which involves liposuction and fat transfer to the scalp using the innovative Puregraft system followed by state of the art Kerastem processing technology & injection of stem cells. The novel finding that injection of mature fat cells and adipose-derived stem cells (ADSC) into the scalp helps stimulate hair follicles and allows natural growth of hair with minimal downtime and no restriction of activities in the post-procedure phase is an exciting advance in hair restoration techniques. It provides an exciting treatment option for those not suitable for hair transplant techniques and can be used in combination with medical treatments. For further information please contact The Banwell Clinic on 01342 330302 or email Consultations in Kent, Sussex and London. Treatments take place in our luxurious Harley Street setting.

Kerastem 1

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Kerastem ba

Two skin care gurus!

Mr Banwell is pictured here with one of the world’s leading lights in skin care, Cosmetic Chemist Richard Parker. responsible for some major innovations such as isotropic formulations and low viscosity superfluids for UV protection, he remains at the cutting edge of the cosmeceutical industry. Paul is seen here at a meeting where ideas were shared and the latest concepts discussed.

Mr Banwell features in Aesthetic Medicine

Mr Banwell has had another article published in Aesthetic Medicine discussing the latest trends in UV protection. Core approaches to minimise ageing and skin cancer and thus optimise skin health can be achieved with sun creams, topical antioxidants, photoimmunoprotectants (Fernblock,niacinamide), chemoprotectants (resveratrol) and oral vitamin D supplements. For a complimentary skin consultation please do book in with Mr Banwell’s skin experts on 0845 2600 261 or email

Mr Banwell judges Professional Beauty Aesthetic Awards

Mr Banwell was honoured to be a judge for the prestigious Professional Beauty Aesthetic Awards last night. Congratulations to all the winners! Mr Banwell is pictured with fellow judges and with Aesthetic Medicine editor Vicky Eldridge

Need work done? Considering Cosmetic Surgery?

We are proud to announce that Mr Banwell features in the exclusive Tatler Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Guide for 2015. If you would like an honest, friendly yet confidential opinion and discussion about any issues of concern then please do phone the office on 0845 2600 261.

Mr Banwell discusses great skin for a lifetime in Inside Kent

Mr Banwell recently was quoted in an article exploring the benefits of medical grade skin care (cosmeceuticals). Active ingredients including hydroxyacids, niacinamide and vitamin A derivatives were discussed. Pop in to the office for some skin care advice or phone today for a complimentary appointments with our skin care team

Breast augmentation still number one procedure for Mr Banwell

Despite the PIP debacle, breast augmentation (breast enlargement) still remains the number one procedure in his cosmetic practice in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London. Importantly patients are asking about the breast implants used and Mr Banwell reassuringly only uses top quality Natrelle implants. These are available to look at and feel at the time of consultation. He also offers a biodynamic breast sizing service. He consults in East Grinstead, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton, Haywards Heath, Worthing and London. For further information please phone the office on 0845 2600 261.


Happy Patients at the Banwell Clinic

We always like to get feedback from our patients so we can build on the excellence and work on areas for improvement. We are proud to say we have very high patient satisfaction and many, many happy patients in the practice. This lovely present came in yesterday for Mr Banwell – always very much appreciated!