Skin Care News : great new cosmeceuticals just released!

Rationale Skincare from Australia, a cutting edge, premier-quality cosmeceutical range announced a new formulation of their best-selling Anti-oxidant ACE. Even more powerful and silky smooth – we absolutely love it!! Order now direct from Rationale using Mr Banwell’s special code.

For all those people who suffer from redness and inflamed skin try the new Redness Neutraliser from Skinceuticals featuring a new neuromed complex.

Anatomical ‘Tear Drop’ Breast Implants

Mr Banwell is definitely seeing a huge shift towards anatomical implants now for breast augmentation. Round implants are very popular too but patients are increasingly asking for a more natural shape.This is interesting as the shape of anatomical implants are consistent with some interesting independent research from Mr Patrick Mallucci, well-known Plastic Surgeon, who has described the most appealing shape characteristics of a female breast.

anatomical implants are becoming popular for breast augmentation