Protect your skin when running – Paul Banwell in Running Fitness

Mr Banwell gives his top tips regarding skin health and sun protection in this month’s Running Fitness magazine. No matter what your outdoors sport make sure you use SPFs regularly and drink plenty of water

Mr Banwell in Running Fitness

Molecular Water from Rationale Skin Care at The Banwell Clinic

You have got to try this Molecular Water (MW) from Rationale Skin Care – the gurus of skin care from Australia. It is a truly luxurious ‘spritz’ during a long flight or just to cool you down and refresh your skin during the day. It is so, so different – we promise. A must have accessory for the summer. See and use your code 2141-RA10. Molecular water is just one of the many products from the Rationale Skin Care Hydrator range. Look out for all the new isotropic formulations too. Our favourites are the Rationale Catalyst and the Rationale Antioxidant ACE. Phone the office for further information 0845 2600 261.

Rationale molecular water available at Mr Banwell's clinic

Ask your plastic surgeon questions!

If you are considering plastic or cosmetic surgery in Sussex, Kent, Surrey or London, it is vital you have all of your questions answered. The consultation is a vital part of the process but please be aware that you may need several consultations to cover all the information adequately and to make sure you feel well informed. Mr Banwell encourages questions in a relaxed atmosphere and he will also provide a written record of the consultation as well as information sheets. In short – do your research and do not be afraid to ask!

Paul Banwell, Plastic Surgeon and Skin Health Expert in Woman’s Health

Mr Banwell was quoted in Woman’s Health magazine regarding sun protection and the importance of using sufficient quantities. May we remind you that as the summer has arrived to be very sensible about using your SPFs. Remember that sunburning episodes are very sensitive future indictors of skin cancer formation.

use SPF liberally in the sun!