Mr Banwell interviewed for Professional Beauty in Australia

Mr Banwell appeared in Professional Beauty yesterday discussing the link between beauty, fashion and cosmetic medicine – skin care. The journalist picked up on many of Mr Banwell’s thoughts and ideas. For full transcript please see

Paul Banwell in Professional Beauty

International Herald Tribune quotes Paul Banwell

The International Herald Tribune online news service picked up on some quotes from Paul Banwell, skin care expert from the UK today. He was discussing ways of keeping your skin in tip top condition following holiday. Keeping your skin hydrated was the key but also to chemical exfoliate with hydroxyacids. He personally uses Rationale Catalyst serum at night. This contains a potent blend of hydroxyacids to keep your skin looking bright and fresh.

Female First and post-holiday skin tips

Interestingly Paul Banwell was also quoted in Female First in another piece on Post-holiday skin care. Looking after you skin during holiday is, of course, very important but do not forget to pay attention on your return. Plenty of moisturiser to keep your legs and body smooth and supple. Spend more time on your face too to maintain that lovely glow and bright complexion. Mr Banwell recommended Rationale Catalyst which contains a potent mix of hydoxy acids. For more information see his skin care page

Increase in skin cancer amongst men

Paul Banwell was quoted in the hugely popular Female First website. Mr Banwell was asked to comment on the rise of skin cancer amongst men following release of Cancer Research UK figures. if you have concerns about any moles then please book in for a comprehensive mole check. Phone 0845 2600 261 to book a consultation

Cosmeceutical skin care reaches Vogue – Rationale recognised

Vogue in Australia have picked up the benefits of cosmeceutical products and featured one of the Essential Six products from Rationale Skin Care. Niacinamide, a vitamin B3 complex serum is a powerful immune protectant and has benefits in treating pigmentation too

Niacinamide in Vogue

Paul Banwell discusses rise in labiaplasty with Daily Mail

Paul was interviewed by the Daily Mail today about the rise in labiaplasty surgery, the types of patients requesting surgery and their reasons for proceeding. He mentioned that 50% seek advice because of functional concerns and 50% for aesthetic reasons

rise of designer vagina - Paul Banwell comments in Daily mail

Paul Banwell loves the work of artist Leigh Martin

Paul Banwell, well-known cosmetic surgeon from London and the South East of England (UK) and keen art collector has recently come across the work of Leigh Martin from New Zealand. Represented by the Fox Jensen Gallery his work is very Callum Innes-esque. The delightful Emma Fox from the gallery will be delighted to tell you more.