Skin care formulations are vital – ask your plastic surgeon

We all know that medical grade skin care (cosmeceuticals) can have huge benefits for your skin. But to misquote George Orwell, some cosmeceuticals are more equal than others! It is all in the formulation of the key ingredients – making them skin identical is the key. The big buzz words this coming year are isotropic formulations and liposomal delivery. For more information please call the office on 0845 2600 261 or email

Xmas Parties are coming – think about booking your treatments early

Festivities are nearly upon us so if you want to look great for all those Xmas parties then feel free to explore some of our cosmetic treatments. Remember that these treatments are medical in nature and therefore should be planned and booked well in advance. Wrinkle smoothing treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers or skin treatments such as Dermaroller (medical needling) and chemical peels can be very pleasing. We would be happy to provide further information on 0845 2600 261

get your party shoes on!

Mr B’s Winter Beauty Tips

Winter is now here! The heating is turned on and everybody is wrapping up nice and snug. The cold biting wind can definitely affect your skin so you need to be even more careful to look after it. Here are a couple of tips from Mr B about lavishing your skin with love.
[1] Luscious lips – you lips can easily get dry and chapped so make sure you use keep a lip balm handy. Reapply constantly during the day
[2] Hydrate!! Drinking water during winter may not be quite as appealing and you may not feel as thirsty but it is vital you keep your skin well hydrated – drink plenty! Moisturise you skin regularly as well – we love the HyperHydrating serum from Rationale and their Eye specialist for around the eyes. Symmetria do a lovely moisturiser too.
[3] Think anti-oxidants and hydroxyacids too. Get you daily dose of anti-oxidant serum – look for vitamins A, C and E. Hydroxy acids will help gently exfoliate your skin to make it glow for all those Xmas parties – use a power boost serum every night
[4] Lastly and most importantly still keep using an SPF during the winter months. A SPF15 until March should be fine – remember that SPFs are the most powerful anti-ageing treatment there is!!

Mr Banwell interviewed by BBC News on labiaplasty

Mr Banwell was interviewed by BBC News yesterday regarding some reports on labiaplasty surgery issued by the Royal College of Gynaecologists. As a BAAPS member he was endorsing and supporting the concept of increasing patient safety for all cosmetic surgery patients including labiaplasty surgery. He also supported the need to make sure patients are fully informed and realise that female ‘bits’, like other parts of the body’ come in all shapes and sizes.