Winter Sun – Paul Banwell recommends sun safety

As the cold weather and rain sets in, many people are keen to seek sunnier climes and a warmer country. Wherever you decide to go it is vital to remain vigilant regarding the dangers of the sun. Enjoy but be careful! Make sure you use plenty of sun cream with a good sun protection factor (SPF) and UV rating. A minimum of SPF30 is really essential. Keep spritzing your skin to keep your skin cool and hydrated too or make sure you swim regularly (reapply sun cream after!). Avoid the sun at the hottest part of the day too and use plenty of moisturisers in the veining to keep your skin baby soft. Please phone the office your more tips or for your supply of sun cream. Phone 0845 2600 208 for sun protection in Sussex, Kent and Surrey

Paul Banwell’s top skin tips in My Weekly

Paul was quoted in My Weekly today on simple skin beauty tips. For further information see Paul’s Skin Health page on his website ( or visit his new site