Rationale coming to the UK……

We are getting excited as there are rumours that Rationale Skin Care will be launching in the UK in 2013! We will keep our fingers crossed! If you are desperate for products though please order direct using Mr Banwell’s special code 2141-RA10


Breast augmentation in Sussex and Kent – choice of breast implants

Breast augmentation still remains the number one cosmetic surgery procedure in Kent and Sussex and the demand for surgery still remains high. However, patients are becoming very discerning and after the PIP crisis the choice of implants becomes ever more important. Mr Banwell uses implants that carry a lifetime guarantee. He also offers complimentary sizing clinics with his aesthetic nurse Judi using the biodynamic system from Natrelle. So if you are considering breast augmentation/enlargement in Sussex, Surrey, Kent or London please contact Mr Banwell, a breast augmentation specialist, on 0845 2600 261 or email help@paulebanwell.com

Labiaplasty surgery on the increase

Mr Banwell has noticed a huge increase in labiaplasty surgery this year already compared to 2012 and has been asked to comment in the press as an expert on a regular basis. This is a hugely sensitive subject for many women and many have stories to tell in terms of their functional and appearance issues. Mr Banwell understands the need to tune in to these problems and offers a discreet, understanding and confidential service. For further information please see his page on labiaplasty surgery/ labial reduction surgery on his website www.paulebanwell.com. Mr Banwell performs labiaplasty in Sussex, Kent and Surrey including East Grinstead, Tunbridge Wells, Haywards Heath, Worthing, Brighton and London.

Various terms are given to this type of surgery including labia reduction, labial reduction, labiaplasty, vaginal surgery & female genital surgery. Vaginal tightening surgery is another type of surgery and is usually performed by gynaecologists: Mr Banwell has excellent clinicians he works closely with if this is required


Psychological wellbeing for cosmetic surgery patients

Mr Banwell has been a keen proponent of ensuring his patients have access to good psychological help and support. He has used a patient questionnaire for many years now which takes into account some of these issues. Importantly he is happy to refer patients to Dr Bo Mills, a consultant specialising in psychological wellbeing who practices on the South Coast as well as in Harley Street in London. Mr Banwell welcomes suggestions to improve this area of need for cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery patients.

Surgical Tattoo Excision & Tattoo Removal UK

Tattoo removal has become increasingly popular over recent times and mr Banwell has seen a huge upswing in enquiries for tattoo removal and surgical tattoo excision in London, Kent, Sussex and Surrey over recent months. As a specialist in this area he has seen patients from all over the country as well as from abroad. Whilst laser tattoo removal can be very successful in certain types of tattoo increasingly larger numbers of patients are exploring the role of surgical removal of tattoos. Have a look on Mr Banwell’s website www.paulebanwell.com and download his information sheet on ‘tattoo excision’


Limerick from a grateful patient!

Mr Banwell just received this from a grateful skin cancer patient

Said Plastic Surgeon Mr Banwell,

With sun and sun beds you may tan well

But I’ve seen cancer cases

On some bodies and faces

Of such dangers I can really tell!

Get to meet Mr Banwell at Nuffield Hospital Haywards Heath for free! 28th February

Book now for a chance to meet Mr Banwell in person. Mr Paul Banwell is giving a talk on the benefits and risks of Cosmetic Surgery at the Nuffield Hospital Haywards Heath on 28th February. Bring a friend and enjoy a glass of wine whilst hearing about the latest techniques in the cosmetic surgery world. Please phone 0845 2600 261 to book places today. We look forward to seeing you

Under 18s using sunbeds in Brighton

A survey was published today suggesting that sun bed use is still occurring in those under 18 despite a national ban. Five cities were interviewed including Brighton. Unfortunately it does not make good reading. Remember  – it is well proven that sun beds dramatically increase the incidence of skin cancer. SUN BEDS ARE A NO NO!!