ManeNocte. Sssssshhhh! It’s a secret!

ManeNocte is a new skin care range from Australia. Organic. Powerful. Simple. Too busy? Too many parties? Too many jobs to do? Want the best skin care with the minimum of fuss? You MUST look at THE definitive skin care nutrition system

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Paul Banwell at Rationale Skin Care launch

Paul was present for the launch of the latest Rationale products which feature all new formulations and branding.He met members of the team as well as Richard Parker, the cosmetic chemist and Founder of the premium cosmeceutical skin care brand. See and click on the Rationale logo for the latest information.

Launch of Rationale products with Mr Paul Banwell

Mr Banwell provides expert comment in Daily Mirror

Mr Paul Banwell was quoted extensively in the Daily Mirror yesterday about the need for greater regulation in Cosmetic Surgery. Mr Banwell, a well known cosmetic surgeon in the South East, believes patient safety is paramount and the consultation process is key to having realistic expectations. For a link please click on the following

Paul Banwell in The Independent discussing Skin cancer

Mr Banwell appeared in The Independent today discussing a recent survey examining the British publics attitudes to sun exposure. This large study was conducted by Nuffield Health. Click on the link for further details. Remember to minimise your sun exposure and use sun protection regularly


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Are you suffering from sun damage, pigmentation, acne, dry skin, puffy or dark circles? If so, please contact our office at or call 0845 2600 261 to book your complimentary consultation with Judi Critchard. Judi has worked and trained with the Creative Director of Rationale Skin care, Richard Parker. Judi is also Mr Banwell’s Senior Aesthetic Nurse and has been with the practice since 2007.