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Skin Health & Skin Care

Mr Banwell and his team at The Banwell Clinic in Sussex, Kent & Harley Street, London are considered international experts in skin health, photoprotection and state of the art skin treatments. We believe that healthy skin and good quality skin care regimes are essential to look and feel good. It is all about skin health and choosing innovative, bespoke, affordable yet powerful anti-ageing skin care and skin treatments. Please feel free to browse this website but further information can also be found on our cosmetic skin clinic site



In particular, the latest skin-specific (isotropic) formulations from Rationale Skin Care ensure optimal absorption through the skin to enhance your natural beauty. The Rationale Skin Care formulations are at the cutting edge of dermatological research and their iconic Essential Six (E6) is loved by Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetics Doctors around the world. The Products are available to you too and Mr  at The Banwell Clinic and we would be delighted to see you for a complimentary skin consultation.




Science doesn’t get more beautiful than with Rationale Skin Care.

Since the brand’s inception 25 years ago, Rationale has provided Australia’s leading skin doctors with long-term, advanced scientific skincare solutions that deliver on their promises. Rationale’s unique products actualise the natural and genetic potential of skin by employing skin identical ingredients and isotropic technology to deliver their trademark luminosity. Good reasons to why they ha vebecome – and remain – the preferred cosmeceutical brand of Australian Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons.

Mr Banwell has been a longstanding advocate and ambassador of these amazing products and is one of the acknowledged global medical leaders of this cult skincare brand. He and his team have an in-depth knowledge of their formulations and we would be delighted to offer you a complimentary skin consultation with one of our skin therapists. Our bespoke, personalised medicine concepts here at the Banwell Clinic incorporating the latest in regenerative medicine and epigenetics fit perfectly with Rationale’s philosophy of  ‘Luminous skin for a lifetime’.



As part of our commitment to skin health and education, we offer all patients in the practice a comprehensive complimentary skin consultation and analysis. These are extremely popular due to word of mouth from other patients so please do phone and book your  appointment. Learn about the latest ingredients and developments from the cosmetic medicine world! Please feel free to phone the clinic on 01342 330302 to book your consult today. We currently offer these skin consultations (and exclusive luxury medical facials) in East Grinstead, Tunbridge Wells and Brighton. This service will shortly be expanding into Harley Street too for all of our lovely London clients!


Well-being and Nutrition

Lack of exercise, poor dietary habits, stress, smoking and excessive sun exposure can all lead to poor skin health. We therefore aim to help identify and rectify many of these problems and focus on individualised skin assessments to produce a bespoke, personalized skin care routine. However, we also put great emphasis on making holistic lifestyle changes for the body in general and we have access to dietitians, life coaches, personal trainers, psychologists and massage therapists to help address these needs too.

In particular, Mr Banwell is a big advocate of healthy eating and the importance of nutrition in general health and well-being as well as its role as part of the cosmetic surgical journey. Mr Banwell is the first plastic surgeon in the UK to focus on nutrigenomics and epigenetics as part of a wellbeing programme for all his patients including those undergoing cosmetic surgery as well as general reconstructive work. He has teamed up with a rising star of nutrition and nutrigenomics in the UK – Rachel Clarkson – to offer comprehensive nutritional support and genetic analysis. Please do ask Mr Banwell’s team for further information or click here for further information As a Registered Dietitian, the DNA Dietitian offers a VIP service for all your nutritional needs and Mr Banwell would thoroughly recommend booking for a consultation.


Importance of medical grade skin care

Use of over the counter beauty skin care and skin care products can improve your skin but we know that higher quality cosmeceutical (medical-grade) products really do make a difference and the scientific literature supports this. Cosmeceuticals contain higher levels of active ingredients which Mr Banwell and his expert team can discuss with you in person as well as the various approaches and strategies for your particular skin type/concern.


Cosmeceuticals & skin care ingredients

It is sometimes difficult for the consumer nowadays to understand ingredients as we are bombarded with a variety of complex terms such as ‘anti-oxidants’ ‘ceramides’ immuneprotectants’, ‘DNA repair enzymes’, ‘hydroxyacids’, ‘peptides’, ‘neuropeptides’, ‘botanics’, ‘lactic acid’ ‘glycolic acid’, ‘phytobotanicals’ and such like and it may often be difficult to decipher what they all mean. Some of these are important and some not so – this is where Mr Banwell and his team come in. We want to give you beautiful, vibrant-looking skin! But remember – you don’t get fit and look good by going to the gym once only. You need to commit and work hard to get that skin looking good! With regular use, these advanced anti-ageing skin care products can lead to beautiful-looking, luminous skin and a clear complexion.

Mr Banwell has travelled the world in order to curate the best skin care products with impeccable credentials. He now uses and recommends exclusive anti ageing skin care product ranges from Australia to treat fine lines, wrinkles, photodamage, sallow skin, pigmentation, acne and sensitive skins.


Epigenetics and Skin Care

Mr Banwell has lectured worldwide on the concept of epigenetics and indeed how good quality medical skin care can effect change on a cellular level in the skin.

The previous mantra was that our genes were NOT subject to change – ie. what we are born with cannot be changed . However, our genes are, in fact, highly influenceable and what we do throughout life has a dramatic effect on whether that condition manifests itself. This science of what lies “above our genes” is called EPIGENETICS.

Most epigenetic research comes to us from cancer research, where we have been able to isolate the genes that make some of us more susceptible to cancer, and this has enables us to work on how these cancer genes can be “switched off”. Our general health and lifestyle choice have an enormous influence too. From cancer research, we have now moved into the fields of health and beauty, where epigenetics enables us to have more control over the way we look and age by influencing  “gene expression”.

We now know that there are several modifiers of epigenetic change including environmental chemicals an dpollutants, age, pharmaceutical drugs, stress, diet and most importantly perhaps, cosmeceutical skin care. High end medical grade skin care therefore has enormous potential to effect epigenetic change and one of the leaders in the world in this field is Rationale skin care from Australia.



We have been searching for a high quality scar treatment (other than vitamin E cream) for many years as well as products to support our patients following non-surgical and cosmetic surgery treatments to the breasts and body. We are therefore delighted to offer advanced formulations from the amazing Codage Paris at our boutique cosmetic surgery practice. Mr Banwell’s team can advise on suitable products that may be of interest. La Maison Codage is a veritable treasure chest of products with unique active ingredients helping you to heal following your surgery or body treatment. Our hero product is the Codage Skin Recovery body milk and we prescribe this to all our patients to use in their scar healing and following any body treatment.

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Skin Health & Skin Care
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Skin Health & Skin Care
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Skin Health & Skin Care
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Skin Health & Skin Care
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Skin Health & Skin Care
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Sleeping on back recommended FOR A FEW DAYS


Skin Health & Skin Care
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Skin Health & Skin Care
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As directed by aesthetician


Skin Health & Skin Care
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Skin Health & Skin Care
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As directed by aesthetician


Skin Health & Skin Care
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Skin Health & Skin Care
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Minimal downtime


Skin Health & Skin Care
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Usually none


Firstly, we would perform a skin analysis at the Banwell Clinic and discuss your concerns in more detail together with a lifestyle and skin regime assessment. We would then prescribe a bespoke skin care regime together with some additional treatment options that you could consider with the aim of goving you a more luminous complexion

We offer the latest generation chemical peels at The Banwell Clinic which are called ‘Enzyme reactivators’. These are carefully formulated acids that work physiologically with your skin to recalibrate the skin’s pH and to activate physiologic enzymatic processes within the skin; this optimises skin function and encourages stratum corneum shedding which help create a healthy, brighter looking complexion. These enzyme reactivators are very safe and carry a minimal downtime. Complications can occur but are rare – they include persistent scabbing, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and infection.

We are huge fans of Rationale Skin Care from Australia who formulate medical grade skin care products for all skin types. For further information see

Collagen drinks are nutraceuticals and are hugely beneficial for your skin. They contain a huge variety of specially formulated vitamins and nutrients as well as collagen peptides. Our recommended favourite is Skinade (liked by Victoria Beckham and a UK brand to boot!) taken on a daily basis in association with your skin care regime. Useful for dull, dehydrated skins, acne and as a perfect pickup in the morning.

We understand that finances are an important consideration when investing in your skin. We try to help offer a variety of options for your skin as well as recommended yearly packages to ensure your skin looks at its best all year round. Please ask our team for further information.

Treating the neck is one of the most difficult anatomical areas in aesthetics. A combination of skin care, hyaluronic acid mesotherapy with plasma shower, Profhilo and Silhouette Soft Threadlifts can all be used. Ultimately, face and neck lifting surgery could also be considered.

Plasma shower technology represents a major revolution in aesthetics. We are delighted to be one of the first in the UK to offer this exciting treatment and have seen amazing benefits in our patients already. It is an extrapolation of existing Plasma technology – it can help with fine lines and wrinkles but most importantly it has a profound effect on the permeability of the skin and dramatically increases transdermal delivery of topical products. This therefore allows for the needleless delivery of mesotherapy compounds and hyaluronic acid. Another interesting side effect is in the treatment of acne.

Dermalux is the award-winning British made original LED treatment for antiageing, sensitive skins, acne, rosacea and following skin treatments to help with inflammation. It is the most powerful light treatment available (beware of face mask LED treatments and other cheap copies as these only provide a fraction of the LED power of Dermalux). We are proud to offer the original treatment at the Banwell Clinic as well as at our sister skin store www.tbcskinatelier.

There is increasing evidence that nutritional supplements are indeed beneficial for the skin and many skin specialists advocate their use on a daily basis. Here at the Banwell Clinic we also recommend and prescribe the highest quality nutritional supplements to ensure we optimise your skin function.

We treat many patients (both adults and teenagers) at the Banwell Clinic  and at our sister store (TBC Skin Atelier). Whilst Mr Banwell can prescribe POMs to patients such as antibiotics and Roaccutane many patients prefer non-drug treatments. We offer a huge array of treatments to help with acne following a careful consultation and lifestyle analysis.

We are delighted to be offering exclusive Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments in Mr Banwell’s destination Harley Street practice in London. Mr Banwell often combines his bespoke PRP treatments with medical needling and the latest innovative stem cell serums to help accelerate healing (eg Calecim).

Regular massage is essential to help improve the appearance of scars. Mr Banwell recommends use of specially formulated Skin Recovery from Codage Paris which contains a special blend of hyaluronic acid and other ingredients to accelerate healing and scar maturation.

I read about Mr Banwell on the internet and after speaking to him on the telephone, when he explained how he would help, I felt confident that I had found a solution. Mr Banwell gave my daughter a course of epiduo and this made an improvement quite quickly. He then suggested a course of Tetralysal and this has now completely transformed her skin. She is acne free.

Zoe B.


realself Top Contributor
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