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Mummy Makeover

As a mother, pregnancy and having a child is a unique and very special time in your life – it is a wonderful experience to watch how your body changes to accommodate bringing a new life into the world. However, whilst this is a truly life changing event, the birth of your baby and subsequent breast feeding can have significant downsides which may not be reversed by simple diet and exercise alone in the following weeks, months and years. This is when a little help may sometimes be required if you are keen to make changes. This mummy makeover page will hopefully provide an overview of what procedures are available and how Mr Banwell can potentially help you to feel more body confident.

The Banwell Clinic in the South East of England is one of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery and cosmetic medicine practices and specialises in Mummy Makeover surgery.

Hugely popular mummy makeover surgery

The hugely popular Mummy Makeover  (‘mommy’ makeover if you are from the States) consists of one or more procedures performed on mummies who have had one or more children. These procedures may be small ‘nips and tucks’ or indeed represent more major makeovers. There are common combinations of surgeries that Mr Banwell performs regularly such as tummy tuck with breast augmentation, breast lift with tummy tuck, breast augmentation and labiaplasty, breast reduction and liposuction, hybrid breast augmentation and mini tummy tuck.

The mix of surgeries that you can choose from include:

Patient selection and surgical credentials

In appropriately selected patients Mr Banwell is able perform combination mummy makeover procedures in a single setting. This often leads to a quicker recovery time than if you were to have each procedure at a separate time.  If you are considering a mummy makeover, Mr Banwell and his team are on hand to help decide which mix of surgeries might interest you.  Please note that Mr Banwell is a highly qualified Plastic Surgeon and is a full member of BAAPS, BAPRAS, and ISAPS; furthermore The Banwell Clinic also offers 3D computerised imaging facilities and is an authorised Crisalix 3D specialist centre. Interestingly, the Banwell Clinic saw a huge 50% rise in surgical procedure relating to Mummy Makeover last year even despite the economic and political climate indicating the popularity and demand for these procedures with Mr Banwell.


The Mummy Makeover is hugely popular amongst my patients who are seeking to reclaim their pre-baby bodies” Mr. Paul Banwell FRCS (Plast)


Preparing for your Bespoke Mummy Makeover

It is important to prepare well in the lead up to your surgery by ensuring your diet is good, you have stopped smoking and that you are getting plenty of sleep. Being well hydrated too is extremely important so please make sure you drink plenty of water and ensure that you avoid significant amounts of alcohol the weekend prior to surgery! One of the aspects that surgeons do not always communicate is the importance of having supportive family and friends during the surgical journey. Partners, family and friends all need to all help out and sometimes parents and in-laws may come in to their own. As a mummy, feeling confident that your children will be looked after whilst you are resting after the operation is very important – remember that lifting the children in the first few weeks after the operation is not advised.

Recovery following Mummy Makeover

Everyone recovers differently following surgery. Mr Banwell will give you guideline recovery times during consultation but this is only a guide and some patients will recover much quicker and some less quickly. The most important thing is to rest up, do not try and do things too quickly and adhere to all the advice given. Remember to order your compression garments (Mr Banwell recommends Macom Medical) – these will need to be worn for 8 weeks usually. Showering is allowed after surgery and you will be instructed how to use a hairdryer on a warm setting to dry off the flesh-coloured micropore tape. Initially you will obviously be a little restricted in terms of mobility and exercise so it is important to maintain a healthy diet and eat well – we have an excellent dietician on hand for advice should you wish an onward referral for a bespoke nutritional plan.

Mummy Makeover in London Harley Street

Mr Banwell sees patients from all over the UK, from Europe, Russia and Asia. Our base is at the home of Plastic Surgery in the UK in East Grinstead and this is less than half an hour away from Gatwick Airport and under an hour by train from London. However, many patients like to consult in Harley Street, London as this may be more convenient. Mr Banwell would be happy to consult with you regarding mummy makeover surgery in London Harley Street if this is more convenient. Please feel free to call the office on +44 1342 330302.

Information on Bespoke Mummy Makeover

Please feel free to browse the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section below and download the information sheet for your records. Alternatively you should probably look at the individual procedure pages as this will also give you further insight about the surgery, recovery and expectations. If you have any questions then please do call the clinic on 01342 330302.

Best locations for Mummy Makeover Surgery in the UK

Mr Banwell performs mummy makeover surgery for patients in Sussex, Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, London and all around the UK. He consults in Harley Street and in various locations in the South East including East Grinstead, Tunbridge Wells, Haywards Heath and Brighton. Mr Banwell’s main operating lists are in East Grinstead (at the famous McIndoe Centre) and in Tunbridge Wells. He also operates in Harley Street in London.

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Mummy Makeover
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Variable depending on procedures


Mummy Makeover
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1-2 nights


Mummy Makeover
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Mummy Makeover
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Mummy Makeover
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On back for 2-4 weeks


Mummy Makeover
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1-2 days


Mummy Makeover
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showering after discharge


Mummy Makeover
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2-3 weeks


Mummy Makeover
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Depends on procedures


Mummy Makeover
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4 weeks


Mummy Makeover
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4-8 weeks depending on procedures


Mummy Makeover
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2-3 weeks


Mummy Makeover
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8 weeks


Many of our patients will ask if they are suitable for bespoke mummy makeover surgery. Of course this is not only about the actual desire for surgery on the part of the patient but must also take into consideration any medical and psychological concerns too.

The following are usually considerations for this kind of surgery:

  • Patients who may feel unhappy with their bodies after having children.
  • No plans to have further children.
  • Have maintained a concerted effort to diet and exercise to remove excess fat with little or no success.
  • Normal body mass index (BMI)
  • Have a steady body weight.
  • Patients who would like to improve the appearance of unwanted stretchmarks (striae) or scars.
  • Patients who would like to improve the appearance of their post-pregnancy breasts.
  • Are relatively fit and healthy with no significant past medical history.
  • Have realistic expectations for the procedure.
  • Patients must not trivialise the cosmetic surgery process.
  • Are emotionally ready for surgery.

Please note that a history of mental health is not a contraindication for surgery but according to national guidelines, Mr Banwell can offer access to excellent psychologists for support through the cosmetic surgery journey.

Please note that Mr Banwell will consider all patients for surgery but he may recommend that you are not suitable.

It is not essential to have a GP referral and many patients will self-refer and contact the Practice directly. However, Mr Banwell regularly gets private referrals from GPs for such surgeries and when he consults with you he  will usually ask permission to write to your GP for a summary of your medical history and suitability for surgery.

This is a very personal decision and of course there is never any pressure to embark upon surgery. However, please do arrange a consultation with Mr Banwell as this will give you an opportunity to discuss you specific concerns and explore the procedures over several meetings. The bottom line is that these procedures can help reshape your body and restore your pre-baby figure.

Mummy makeovers aim to change your body shape, improve your silhouette and help restore body confidence. It can have not only positive physical effects but positive psychological benefits too. Shifting that so-called ‘baby weight’ can be a struggle not withstanding any excess skin and emptiness or sagging of the breasts is an extremely common complaint.

This procedure aims to reverse and help restore the physical changes that have occurred in having a baby –

  • Removing excess tummy skin and fat.
  • Tightening the tummy wall muscles.
  • Recreating a more desirable breast appearance.
  • Reducing or restoring breast volume.
  • Improving the appearance of unwanted scars and/or stretch marks.
  • Removing excess fat and skin from the arms and thighs.
  • Enhancing the volume and shape of the bottom.
  • Rejuvenating the appearance and tone of the vaginal area.
  • Enhancing the volume and shape of cheeks and lips
  • Removing excess upper eyelid skin.

The mummies who undergo such procedures describe a major increase in self-confidence. Therefore, the mummy makeover can have significant positive effects on you both physically, emotionally and psychologically!



The consultation is the most important part of the cosmetic surgery process. For a mummy makeover where you may be considering 2 or 3 procedures at the same time, it is especially important. Mr Banwell usually likes to see his patients several times to ensure everything covered. He prefers to focus on one procedure at a time and you will be seen as many times as required until you feel fully prepared. Please contact Mr Banwell’s team to arrange a suitable time in any one of our locations.

It is important to realise that complications can occur with any surgery. The idea is to minimise these complications by practising as safely as possible (includes patient selection, good surgical technique & optimising aftercare).  if However, if complications do occur, they should be managed quickly and efficiently and as transparently as possible. Mr Banwell’s complication rate is extremely low and he prides himself on his safe practice and attention to detail. Every year he also submits his figures and any complications to The British Association of Aesthetic Surgeons (BAAPS) Audit which is declared on the BAAPS site annually.

The main complications of any surgery are usually bleeding in the first 24 hours necessitating return to theatre, infection and wound healing issues. After this this may be specific issues relating to the surgery in question. Mr Banwell will explain all the potential complications in detail and write a comprehensive letter (by email) detailing the discussions at consultation. Please be rest assured that Mr Banwell also offers a ‘peace of mind’ package of care that covers any immediate problems or readmission in the rare eventuality of a complication.

The most important preparation for surgery is to be fully informed! Mr banwell believes the consultation process is fundamental and he will see you several times to make sure you are fully prepared and have had opportunity to have all of your questions answered by himself or the team. He encourages you to do your research but there is no substitute for a one to one consultation.

Of course it is vital to vital to eat healthily in the lead up to surgery, ensure you drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep – we realise this sounds obvious but it is amazing how many people are rushing around beforehand trying to do too much. This journey is an important one – and often emotional too – so take your preparation seriously and feel free to ask any questions at any time. We are always at the end of a phone or email.

Mr Banwell and his team believe that knowing as much information as possible about the mummy makeover aftercare will help avoid fear of the unknown and prepare you in the best possible way.

Mr Banwell will always give you a rough time frame about returning to work, return to normal activity, driving and return to physical activity and exercise. He prefers to put longer timelines on this to be safe but the majority of patients recover much quicker.

After your surgery, you will be given a post-operative appointment to come back and see the excellent nursing staff for a wound review and general check at Week 1 and then you will see your surgeon Mr Banwell at Week 2. At this stage Mr banwell will review you progress, remove the tape and then reapply for a further week or two. You will continue to shower normally, pat the tape dry and then use a hairdryer to dry everything off. In the following weeks you will feel stronger and stronger, the bruising and swelling will settle and you will  he following weeksIf you would like specific aftercare about each procedure,

Sadly as we get older our body and skin continues to change and, in particular, our skin loses its firmness and elasticity. It is important to realise that the results of any surgery – in this case, your  mummy makeover – will last for some years but inevitably the result are not permanent. Your lifestyle subsequent to surgery, any hormonal changes and indeed further pregnancies will all affect outcome. Weight gain (or loss) , especially when dramatic can also affect outcome which is why Mr Banwell  recommends you reach a steady weight that you a re happy with prior to surgery to minimise the likelihood of future fluctuations. Furthermore we would also reinforce the message that mummy makeovers should really only be performed once you have finished you family (although it does not exclude further pregnancies. Please discuss all thought thoughts and concerns with Mr Banwell and he can advise on the way forward.

Patients must accept that scarring is an inevitability of surgery and are permanent. All scars are initially red and lumpy and then pale and flatten over time. This maturation process takes around 18 months and regular massage of the scars with a moisturiser (eg. Rationale Proceramide Balm or Codage Skin Recovery body milk are both superb for scars) will help the scars fade; eventually you should be left with a pale fine scar. Remember that scars can sometimes widen and stretch though so it is vital that you adhere to Mr Banwell’s post-operative advice with taping and restriction of exercise.

We do have information sheets on scar management and post-op wound care too so feel free to download these.

Mr Banwell’s team will give you an estimate for surgery which will cover the Surgical Fee, the Hospital Fee and the Anaesthetic Fee. This is a peace of mind package and covers all dressing clinic appointments and Mr Banwell’s post-operative appointments.

I can honestly say that having my abdominoplasty with Mr Paul Banwell was a truly incredible experience. All the staff were very friendly and efficient.  The care I received with him was expert, professional and totally honest and I found him to be extremely kind and reassuring. Every step of my procedure was explained clearly and in detail.  The nursing care was second to none and the team looked after me expertly and with dignity.  I have an amazing flat abdomen and my clothes look and feel so much better than before my surgery. My linear scar is flat and neat. Everyone comments on how lovely I look and I have found so much more confidence in myself.  I can highly recommend Paul and his team! With grateful thanks to you all!

Alison C.

I was very happy with the care I got from Mr Banwell, his team and the staff at the McIndoe Surgical Centre. Mr Banwell and his team were extremely friendly and quick to meet my needs at all times. The team were very professional and always made me feel at ease and welcome at all my consultations and throughout my stay at the surgical centre. The outcome of my surgery is amazing! I am extremely happy with the results I got; it turned out better than I thought. The surgery has really helped my confidence and way of life and I am very grateful for that. Mr Banwell is a fantastic surgeon with a very friendly and professional approach, which is wonderful. I would definitely, without hesitation, recommend Mr Banwell and his team to others considering cosmetic surgery.

Hannah G.

I realised initially that surgery was my only option. Initially hesitant about surgery I accepted Mr Banwell’s advice and counselling. I am impressed with his expertise surgically combined with his caring attitude to patients like me. I would recommend him highly without any hesitation. He inspires confidence.

Michael S.

I am delighted!! Mr Banwell listened to what I wanted and now I have fuller breast that don’t look false!  I would highly recommend him and his team to everyone.  They are all very friendly and the care I received before, during and after was excellent and very professional. Many thanks to you all.

Gemma C.

My care was efficient and effective, the office staff were excellent and the clinic clean. Mr Banwell did a very good job under difficult circumstances given the length of time the BCC had been there. I would definitely recommend Mr Banwell.

Anthea C.

The consultation was conducted quickly, professionally but Mr Banwell also made me feel as if any question I may have wouldn’t not be too small or insignificant for him to take the time to answer. He left me feeling fully informed with both the pros and cons of any form of elective surgery but also that my worries were normal and that he would be able to assist me with my desired outcomes. His team were caring and professional making me feel that they were actually interested and were able to accommodate my dates when making the initial consultation booking. Prompt returning of calls, flexibility in booking of appointments friendliness, informative, caring and professional from the initial telephone call, the surgery, follow up appointments right through to my final appointment made me feel that my care, personal views and worries were important to them at all times. You can trust him to always be honest with you about the possible problems and outcomes. Overall experience with Mr Banwell and his team? Amazing! I just wish I’d not waited so many years to have this procedure done; I have my life back and it’s amazing to be able to walk into any shop and buy clothes that fit in my actual size and not 5 dress sizes larger just to fit my bust in. With the Upper Blepharoplasty everyone in my family says that I now look so much brighter and not tired, others I meet just tell me I look really great and ask if I’ve just had a holiday. Mr Banwell Thank You for all that you did for me.

Anne G.


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