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Labia Majora Reduction

The outer lips of the female genital area are termed the ‘labia majora’. Just as with the labia minora (inner lips), they may vary dramatically in shapes and size. Youthful labia majora often tend to have fullness and this is considered to be a favourable appearance although some girls prefer a less full appearance. Overly large labia majora can be due to overabundant fat bulging and is often congenital but obesity can also be responsible for very large labia majora.

The labia majora are especially susceptible to change following pregnancy, weight loss, and ageing and the labia majora can lose fat leading to excess skin with wrinkling. This may causes the majora to become ‘deflated’ and hang lower with a degree of so-called ‘redundancy’. Unfortunately, excessively protuberant labia majora can cause an unsightly bulge in clothes which some girls may not like. Thus there are several scenarios that can occur:  labia majora protuberance through underwear or swimwear can be from either an overly fatty, full majora or a fat deficient, stretched majora with excess skin. Of course, excessively protruberant labia minora can also contribute to the situation further

Management of labia majora enlargement

Women who may wish to recreate the look of youthful labia majora may undergo surgery. The labia majora can be surgically reduced regardless of whether the cause is due to excess fat or skin, or a combination of both.

Furthermore, Mr Banwell will also listen to other concerns and evaluate whether there is any significant pubic descent or excess pubic fat.

Depending on the clinical findings and assessment of your anatomy, labia majora may be performed in isolation or sometimes in combination with minora surgery.

The incision is usually placed in the sulcus (groove) between the labia minora and the labia majora. As there is a vogue for shaving, waxing or laser depilation of pubic hair, the incision line should be placed as inconspicuously as possible. Surgery is performed by removing a crescent of skin from the inner surface of each outer labium. If fat needs to be removed, it can be excised through this incision line a the same time. The skin is closed with sutures under the skin and with fine dissolvable sutures so that the scar usually settles very well.

Risks and Complications

As with all operations there are risks and complications. These include bleeding, infection, return to theatre, swelling, bruising, minor dehiscence, asymmetry, over correction and under correction. Mr Banwell will discuss these in more detail at consultation. Patients must also be aware that reduction of  the labia majora in isolation may result in more prominence of the clitoral hood and labia minora and an ‘unharmonious’ look. In such cases labia majora reduction may later lead to minora and/or clitoral hood reduction.

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Interestingly, significant pain following this operation is quite unusual. Mr Banwell uses long lasting analgesia in the wound site and this aids recovery as well as decreasing pain. Do expect some discomfort though and take things easy for a week or so.

Showering after surgery is usually not a problem but Mr Banwell prefers you to body wash in the first 72 hours initially  – this allows the wounds to settle. Thereafter showering is fine although it is important to pat the suture line with a towel very gently before drying off the area with a hairdryer.

All the stitches (sutures) are dissolvable so these will rub out after a couple of weeks.

Mr Banwell will explain when you can get back to normal activities. Usually you will be walking around after a few without a problem and will feel stronger day by day. Returning to work following labia majora surgery is usually at a bout 2 weeks although sometimes it can be sooner. Mr Banwell will direct subsequent activites such as exercise when he sees you.

As with all surgeries there are risks and complications. These include bleeding, haematoma, return to theatre, infection, dehiscence, adverse scarring, asymmetry and sensory issues.

Costs include the surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist’s fee and the hospital fee. Mr Banwell’s team will provide a written estimate for you.

Mr Banwell explained the details of my procedures in a professional and sensitive manner. He took the time to put me at ease and answer all my questions in a way that I could understand. Each step of my treatment from the initial consultation through to its conclusion was supported by professional who with their support enables me to have an extremely smooth journey through my procedures. For the first time in my adult life I am happy in my own skin. I would recommend Mr Banwell to anyone who has been thinking of cosmetic surgery in a heartbeat. Through his skill and understanding of the female body, he carries out his profession with the utmost care and consideration.

Susan G.

I was kept well informed and thought it was excellent to see Mr Banwell before surgery, during recovery and afterwards to hear all went well. It was something that caused me discomfort and sensitivity and now I feel much happier not only with the appearance but more importantly it is much more comfortable for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr Banwell to my friends, he is truly professional yet has a nice relaxed manner which puts you at ease.

Helen S.


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