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Breast Augmentation

Breast Enlargement

Breast augmentation (breast enlargement/enhancement) is one of the commonest cosmetic surgical procedures in the world. It aims to increase the size of the breasts but the procedure can also be suitable to correct asymmetry of the breasts through an enlarging technique. Breast augmentation surgery involves the placement of a breast implant (prosthesis) either behind the breast tissue (subglandular/subfascial pocket) or partially under the pectoralis muscle (dual plane or submuscular pocket). The insertion of an implant will make the breast appear larger and fuller. Mr Banwell is a specialist in breast augmentation and would be happy to discuss your aims and objectives with you – we believe in a bespoke approach to all breast enhancement surgeries using either implants alone, fat transfer alone or a combination of both (Mr Banwell’s hybrid HYBA technique).

Our award-winning service includes a comprehensive and personalised package of care for breast enhancement (augmentation) starting with our concierge service followed by bespoke planning and operative procedure. We believe the breast enhancement service we offer is unique:

  • 3D Crisalix computerised breast imaging service
  • Technologically advanced breast implants
  • Motiva Imagine Centre of Excellence
  • Minimal scar/’scarless’ techniques
  • Minimal touch technique
  • Innovative Banwell HYBA available (incorporating fat transfer)
  • Endoscopic assisted transaxillary approach available
  • Comprehensive implant warranty
  • Fixed Price Package
  • Pre-assessment, blood and MRSA screening included
  • Hotel services and all meals included
  • Complete aftercare ‘Peace of Mind’ package
  • Dressing clinic and dressings included
  • Lifetime follow up policy

Please click on the procedures for further information:


Bilateral breast augmentation (BBA) surgery is now evolving rapidly with equipment developments, advances in anaesthesia, surgical technique modifications and the availability of the latest generation implants which offer an unrivalled safety profile. Mr Banwell has been at the forefront of this evolution and offers a comprehensive service to his patients. He is also passionate about sharing knowledge and is involved in teaching the next generation of plastic surgeons.

One of the main benefits of these advances is that the recovery phase following breast augmentation has accelerated and we are performing surgery through smaller scars whilst still creating beautiful breasts.


We take our responsibilities very seriously indeed and hope, with careful discussion, that we can achieve your desired outcome. We believe in being transparent and honest during your surgical journey and will highlight our thoughts to you in person and by email. Your safety is also of paramount importance to us and thus Mr Banwell only works in high quality, CQC recognised establishments, with resident medical officer backup and a track record of safe practice. All his anaesthetists, similarly, are consummate professionals at the top of their game and thus you will be in the very best hands. The implants that Mr Banwell uses also have, perhaps, the most comprehensive warranty available. You will be seen several times following your surgery by the excellent nursing staff as well as by Mr Banwell, a BAAPS recognised surgeon. Please remember that we also offer a lifelong follow up policy for all our breast surgery patients – a unique approach.


We really do care about giving you a superb patient journey through the Practice, providing you with a first class service. We try to provide as much written information as possible and Mr Banwell will also explain your bespoke treatment plan to you given your pre-existing anatomy and the type of augmentation you would like (be with implants alone, fat alone or using hybrid techniques). Providing you with a wealth of information and a beautiful surgical outcome should have an immense physical and psychological benefit. We look forward to welcoming you for a consultation soon!


Welcome to the Motiva family! This luxury brand represents the creme de la creme of implant technology. Mr Banwell is delighted to be one of the main experts in the UK using Motiva Breast Implants (manufactured by Establishment Labs, ESTA) – in Harley Street, London, Sussex, Kent and Surrey. Paul has extensive experience in cosmetic breast surgery and is a UK Motiva Implant specialist using their revolutionary Ergonomix and Anatomical TrueFixation implants with unique microchip technology and SilkSurface shell.


Establishment Labs’ experience and success in advanced product design, research and development and use of the latest eco-friendly but high-tech manufacturing processes highlights Motiva’s commitment to women’s health. In Mr Banwell’s opinion, Motiva Implants® Silicone Breast Implants represent the most innovative implants available today:

  • State-of-the-art shell design with BlueSeal technology that results in a strong and durable breast implant (unmatched in rigorous testing).
  • Exceptional elasticity for ease of insertion and smaller incisions (minimal scar techniques with Keller Funnel).
  • Ultra soft, filling gel with improved rheology for optimal shape retention and feel as well as low rippling characteristics.
  • The most complex and advanced range of implant projections (breast implant matrix) to meet the expectations of both the surgeon and patient.
  • Specialised unique surface design (nano surface or newly classified neo-‘smooth’ in accordance with latest ISO classifications) leads to less inflammation thus minimising the risk of capsular contracture, ALCL and BII.
  • most comprehensive breast implant warranty available in the UK to date.
  • Patients experience incredible softness with ‘natural bounce’
  • Couture handmade Motiva breast implants


Mr Banwell’s practice is one of the premier Crisalix 3D scanning centres in the UK and all patients interested in breast augmentation using Motiva Breast Implants alone, fat transfer alone or Mr Banwell’s HYBA technique combining both, are offered this analysis to help confirm the treatment plan for surgery. One of Mr Banwell’s team will perform the scan prior to you meeting Mr Banwell and this will then often be used to discuss your anatomy (and any variants) and examples of different type of implants. Click here for a link to Mr Banwell’s page on the Crisalix website. As part of the Crisalix Community you are also able to share images that will be emailed to you to ask opinions of friends and family if you so wish.


Mr Banwell also occasionally offers the Nordquist ‘scarless’ breast augmentation procedure in selected candidates. The endoscopic-assisted transaxillary approach via the armpit is offered in Mr Banwell’s practice in East Grinstead near Gatwick Airport. Mr Paul Banwell has been personally trained by Dr Nordquist (in a surgical preceptorship in Sweden) in this novel technique which does not leave any scars on the breast. The use of Motiva Implants has also facilitated this technique due to their unique handling characteristics and rheology. Please ask Mr Banwell or one of his team if this approach is of interest.

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Treatment Factsheet

For your convenience Mr Banwell has created a factsheet for this treatment to download and retain.

Breast Augmentation
At a Glance

45-90 minutes

Surgery Time

Breast Augmentation
At a Glance

Day case or 1 night

Hospital Stay

Breast Augmentation
At a Glance


Anaesthetic Assessment

Breast Augmentation
At a Glance


Pre-Admission Tests

Breast Augmentation
At a Glance

Sleeping on back recommended for 4 weeks.

Sleeping Position

Breast Augmentation
At a Glance

1 day

Reasonably Mobile

Breast Augmentation
At a Glance

Shower after 1 day. Bath after 2 weeks.


Breast Augmentation
At a Glance

1 week


Breast Augmentation
At a Glance

8 weeks

Exercise including Gym

Breast Augmentation
At a Glance

Restricted activity!

Sexual Activity

Breast Augmentation
At a Glance

8 weeks

Full Recovery

Breast Augmentation
At a Glance

1-2 weeks

Time Off Work

Breast Augmentation
At a Glance

Sports bra worn for 8 weeks. Wired bra after 2 months.

Bras & Garments

Implant Choices

  • Silicone gel filled implants are most commonly used in breast augmentation surgery. They contain a gel which is usually termed ‘cohesive’; Mr Banwell specifically uses the latest generation Ergonomix gel implants from Motiva
  • Textured implants are still the most commonly used surface although recent technology nano-surfaces are associated with the lowest complication rates
  • Round or tear-dropped (anatomical) shape including the latest generation TrueFixation devices
  • Range of different projected implants (commonly called profiles)

Incision Choices

The incision can be made either in the axilla (arm-pit), circumareolar (around the lower half of the nipple/areolar) or infra-mammary (underneath the breast in the breast fold). In the USA there was also a vogue for trans-umbilical surgery (saline implants only) but this is very rarely used. The infra-mammary approach is associated with the lowest complication rate and Mr Banwell uses a short scar, minimal access, minimal touch approach (+/- Keller funnel) .

Pocket choices

The implant can be placed on top of the pectoralis major muscle (subglandular) or underneath the pectoralis major muscle (submuscular/dual plane).

The choices are dependent on specific patients’ needs and expected outcomes. Mr Paul Banwell will assist you in making an informed and appropriate choice of implant, incision site and pocket placement that is tailored to best suit you (Bespoke Breasts by Dr Paul). Most girls are aiming for a natural breast enlargement or augmentation that gives them confidence in their clothes and underwear/swimwear. Complimentary 3D computerised sizing with Mr Banwell’s team is also available – please call 01342 330302 for further information.

During your consultation we will discuss the size which may suit your height, body shape, breast width and existing breast tissue, while explaining the process of breast augmentation. However, the final decision regarding exactly what size breast implants are used is up to you, the patient. The Rice Bag Technique is usually very effective in helping patients make the decision for sizing but we also offer 3-D computerised imaging using Motiva Imagine technology incorporating the latest state of the art Crisalix Imaging software

Download the rice bag trick sizing sheet.

Mr Banwell recommends a general anaesthetic undertaken by a specialist anaesthetist. The operation is generally performed either as a day case or an overnight stay. The use of surgical drains may or may not be required after the operation.

Mr Paul Banwell generally likes to see you at least twice prior to your surgery, although he welcomes and encourages you to visit as many times as you require to allay any concerns you may have about your surgery and at the same time confirm the size, look and expected outcome you are trying to achieve. The consultations are also to ensure that you are fully informed of what the procedure involves and the potential risks.

After the operation there are no stitches to remove as they are all internal. Our office or the private hospital staff will contact you after the operation to ensure that you have no medical problems during your convalescence. There will be post-op visits at approximately one week (with nurses), 2 weeks (Mr Banwell) 8 weeks and six months. A crop-top/athletic support bra is to be worn day and night for eight weeks unless otherwise advised by Mr Banwell. We recommend no driving for one week post-operatively and no rigorous exercise for a few weeks weeks. At the 2 week post-operative visit, we will discuss the best way to achieve the optimum scar result with massage.

Pain varies greatly from person to person; however, it is usual for most patients to have some effects and discomfort in the first seven to ten days. Following surgery the RMO will give you a prescription for pain relief medicine or tablets, and encourage you to rest as much as possible in the first seven days. If at any time post-operatively you have any fears or concerns regarding your recovery you can contact Mr Banwell’s team or the hospital staff during office hours. The Resident Medical Officer is available 24/7 for emergencies

Breast implants are not permanent lifetime devices and it is likely at some time in your life that they may need replacing. Some need to be replaced in only a few years and some not for many years. In the world literature the average life expectancy varies between 8 and 16 years. Sometimes the replacement of implants is by choice (eg. to change size) although sometimes they need to be replaced because of complications, such as a symptomatic capsule forming around the implant or perhaps rupture of the implant.

Various large international studies which have been critically evaluated have up until recently shown no increased risk of malignancy within the breast or anywhere within the body. They have also shown no increased risk of auto-immune disease (joint and soft tissue) problems.

However, in recent years it has come to light that certain texturing techniques may pre-dispose to increased ongoing inflammation around the breast implant which could lead to a rare condition called ALCL. The incidence of this is around 1:25,000 compared to the risk of breast cancer which is around 1:8. In other words this condition is very rare indeed. Latest generation SilkSurface Motiva implants have been shown to minimise inflammation and capsular contract rates are in the order of 4% and no reported cases of ALCL.

Many women are also potentially interested in alternative methods of natural breast enlargement or natural breast augmentation. The appeal of breast enlargement pills and breast enlargement cream is very strong but unfortunately, in Mr Banwell’s opinion, these do not really work.

Injections into the breast with fat  (fat transfer / lipofilling /lipostructure) is currently very popular although there are limitations in terms of volume. Modern techniques including Mr Banwell’s HYBA technique (hybrid breast augmentation) combine breast implants and fat transfer and offer greater flexibility. Mr Banwell will discuss this should you wish in his breast enlargement clinic.

There are both general and specific risks and Mr Banwell will talk to you in detail regarding these. General risks include bruising and swelling, bleeding, wound infection, problems with general anaesthetics, abnormal scarring and keloid scarring, and clots in the legs and lungs. Specific risks of breast augmentation include capsule formation and capsular contracture, fluid accumulation around the implant, changing in feeling around the nipple and areolar and skin of the breast, leakage or breakage of breast implants, silicone granulomas for silicone gel implants, implant movement or extrusion, palpability, visibility, wrinkles, ripples, wide cleavage, bottoming out, double bubble, need for secondary mastopexy and asymmetry.

Women with breast implants can undertake mammograms but must make their radiographer aware of their presence prior to the mammogram. There is no evidence that breast implants increase the risk of breast cancer.

However, there is some evidence that certain types of macrotexturing can increase the risk of a rare condition called ALCL (anaplastic large cell lymphoma) which affects the capsule. The risk of this condition is about 1:30,000; in contrast the general risk of breast cancer is 1:6/1:8.

Whilst multiple scientific studies have confirmed no association between implants and connective tissue disorders, in a small number of individuals with hypersensitive immune systems, breast implants (and dental implants/ coils/ orthopaedic metalwork/ heart valves) may cause local and systemic symptoms. This is termed Breast Implant Illness (BII).

I decided to have treatment with Mr Banwell as I had been seeing him on several occasions regarding stomach irregularities due to a disastrous lipo operation abroad a few years ago. We discussed various options together and I always felt comfortable talking with Mr Banwell and trust him completely to give me the correct advice when considering surgery. I felt my expectations were realistic as Mr Banwell had advised me of the possible downside of the procedure. However, all my expectations were exceeded tenfold! My stomach is looking so much better aesthetically and my breasts look amazing! Mr Banwell and his team excelled at making me feel comfortable and relaxed. I felt I was able to discuss matters with friendly people who cared. I feel Mr Banwell takes time to cover all aspects of the procedure in a friendly, caring and informative manner. I feel happy to say one couldn’t be in safer hands. My overall experience with Mr Banwell and his team has been very positive in all aspects culminating in amazing results. I couldn’t be happier.

Karen D.

I decided to have treatment with Mr Banwell due to recommendations from other healthcare professionals and knowledge of his surgical skills. My expectations were for reduced ptosis and fuller breasts, my expectations were exceeded. Mr Banwell provided me with honest and realistic expectations for my clinical outcome. I found it a very positive experience. I was originally very apprehensive about undertaking a cosmetic procedure and questioned the need for proceeding, but following my breast augmentation I have much more self confidence and I realise that I’d underestimated how much the ptosis had been getting to me. The outcome has been fantastic! Thank you.

Sharon B.

I liked what was written about Mr Banwell and that he was a family man with lots of experience specialising in the operation I wanted. All my expectations were met and at my consultations any worried and questions were answered. I felt Mr Banwell took away any worries I had and has a very kind manner. I would recommend Mr Banwell and say that you are in a high standard of care and well looked after. I had an enjoyable time and was looked after in every way and Mr Banwell and his team are professional in every way.

Lynn A.

I felt upon meeting Mr Banwell that I was really comfortable dealing with him. He put me at ease with his friendly and professional approach. My overall experience was excellent, I can’t praise it enough. Mr Banwell was so patient with all my questions, he explained everything clearly, he is so friendly as well as professional and his admin team back up his service perfectly. You all turned a daunting experience in to a breeze. I would recommend you to everyone.

Felicity C.

Thank you so much to you and your team for all that you have done for me, it is greatly appreciated.

Sarah Z.


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