An easy solution to Inverted Nipple Correction

Inverted nipples or flat nipples are actually very common – a lot more common than people think. Many girls may have strong feelings and emotions as a result of inverted nipples but it is a problem that can be corrected very easily indeed. It is a small, affordable operation performed under local anaesthetic with a minimum of fuss. Mr Banwell is able to perform inverted nipple correction/ surgical correction of nipples in a variety of locations in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London including East Grinstead, Haywards Heath, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton and Worthing. For further information please contact 0845 2600 261 or email

Breast Augmentation still number one cosmetic surgery procedure

Mr Banwell has noticed that breast augmentation still remains the number one cosmetic surgery procedure in his practice in Sussex, Kent and Surrey. Despite the PIP debacle, breast augmentation (breast enlargement) maintains its pole position – high patient satisfaction and natural-looking results. If you are interested in breast augmentation in Tunbridge Wells, East Grinstead, Haywards Heath, Brighton, Worthing or Harley Street, London please do contact the office on 0845 2600 261. The team at the Banwell Clinic would be delighted to assist with your enquiry. We also offer a complimentary Biodynamic breast sizing service too.

Owners of Rationale Skin Care showcase their stylish home

Wow! Not only do they produce the very best cosmeceutical range in the world but they are also style gurus! Richard Parker’s house was recently showcased in a leading Style Magazine in Australia.

Enzyme Reactivators – A new concept in Chemical Peels

We are delighted to have exclusive use in the UK of the latest Rationale Enzyme Reactivators. These represent an exciting advance in skin rejuvenation and chemical peels in the UK. They have been used extenisvely in Australia to great acclaim and provide an extra boost to your cosmeceutical skin care regime. Contact the office now on 0845 2600 261 to book a complimentary skin care consult with the Banwell Clinic or see for more information

Unflattering social media photos sparks anti-ageing interest

Figures produced by BAAPS recently suggest that there has been an increase in facial rejuvenation procedures recently. One of the triggers for this, according to reports, is the widespread use of unflattering photos on Facebook and other social media sites. Non surgical techniques including dermal fillers, wrinkle reducing toxin injections and surgical procedures such as eyelid surgery and facelifts have become increasingly popular as a result.

Difficult decisions with cosmetic surgery

The decision for cosmetic surgery is always a difficult one. What you think you need and what you are actually suitable for might be completely different. Mr Banwell believes that the consultation process is vital to a patient’s cosmetic surgery journey. It is also important to choose a surgeon you trust and that you understand the risks as well as the benefits. For more information please see Mr Banwell’s website or phone 0845 2600 261 for a personal touch

Top tips for Youthful Eyes – Make them sparkle!

Your eyes are probably one of your most attractive features. It is therefore important to show them at their best. Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water or, of course, you can cheat by using Rationale’s new eye cream (Eye Specialist)! Remember – if your eyes are starting to feel heavy then blepharoplasty eye surgery might also be an option. Contact the office now on 0845 2600 261 for more information on blepharoplasty eye surgery or for information on Rationale Skin Care.

Mr Banwell’s aesthetic nurse Judi attends aesthetic course

Judi Critchard, Mr Banwell’s aesthetic nurse continually updates her vast skills with regular advanced training courses and both she and Mr Banwell are always investigating the latest innovative technology for wrinkle treatments, beauty skin treatments, skin care, radiofrequency technology and skin needling such as genuine Dermaroller . If you are interested in a complimentary consultation for your skin or to discuss the latest treatments for wrinkles and fine line please phone the office on 0845 2600 261

Surgery Focus: Surgical tattoo removal

Mr Banwell has had an upsurge in enquiries for surgical tattoo removal and surgical tattoo excision over recent months. Did you know that many tattoos can be removed under a local anaesthetic? Sometimes tattoos can be removed in their entirety in one sessions but some tattoos require surgical removal in a serial fashion. Mr Banwell’s team would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding tattoo removal in tunbridge wells, east grinstead, london, brighton, haywards heath and sevenoaks.

Surgical Tattoo removal is becoming more popular