Requests for breast augmentation soars but sizes decrease

Interesting that I have been asked to take part in a survey looking at the rise in breast augmentation surgery and suggestions that patients are choosing smaller sizes than previously. There is no doubt that breast enhancement and enlargement remains very popular in Sussex, Kent and Surrey but breast augmentation in London is extremely popular. We have also seen a rise in the demand for anatomical shaped implants as girls as wanting a better shape and natural looking breast

demand for breast augmentation and enlargement rises

The Banwell Clinic launches LipoMed machine!

Non-surgical body contouring, skin tightening and cellulite treatment is the latest cosmetic treatment revolution. Whilst traditional surgical techniques are still important, many patients are turning to non-surgical interventions with minimum downtime to help shift stubborn areas of fat or to help with skin tightening and cellulite. We are proud to announce that we now have the latest Lipomed machine which is receiving great acclaim and national awards as well as celebrity endorsement. For further information please phone 0845 2600 261 for further information.

Dermalux LED light treatment for acne

Acne can be a real problem for many teenagers and adults alike. Of course there are many treatments including benzoyl peroxide (BPO), topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics, niacinamide and roaccutane. However, use of LED light treatment has now been shown to be extremely effective and we have seen some superb results with our state of the art Dermalux machine. For further information contact the office on 0845 2600 261

Dermalux light treatment