Mr Banwell believes the consultation process is the single most important part of the whole cosmetic surgery pathway.

Paul expects to see all his patients at least twice (and more if necessary) to ensure they fully understand the procedure and process, and that all prospective patients have had all of their questions and concerns answered. You may want to bring along a friend or family member for moral support or to ask additional questions. Of course, Mr Banwell's team are also on hand to assist in this regard and his aesthetic nurse would be delighted to see you too should you wish.

It is vital that to understand that cosmetic surgery should not be trivialised and that patients have realistic expectations of improvement. It is also important to have a really good rapport with your surgeon as well as trust as they will be responsible for some potentially life-changing effects!

Doing your research on the internet can be extremely useful and can aid in your questioning and exploration of what you are trying to achieve. Mr Banwell actively encourages this as a well-informed patient is a good patient! However, some information may not necessarily be correct nor apply to you directly so Mr Banwell is always on hand to help explain this in more detail.

After your consultations, Mr Banwell will write to you summarising the consultation and his staff will then provide an estimate for treatment or surgery. He will also provide additional information at the time of your consultation. Out of courtesy, and in strictest confidence, your GP will also be informed unless your request otherwise.

Trust, attention to detail and creating natural results are Mr Banwell's central focus and he hopes that he can help you like he has helped so many others!

"Go ahead and have the procedures - you will never look back and you can trust him to always be honest with you about the possible problems and outcomes." Mrs G (TV personality)

How did you find your overall experience with Mr Banwell?

"Amazing! I just wish I'd not waited so many years to have this procedure done; I have my life back and it's amazing to be able to walk into any shop and buy clothes that fit in my actual size and not 5 dress sizes larger just to fit my bust in. With the Upper Blepharoplasty everyone in my family says that I now look so much brighter and not tired, others I meet just tell me I look really great and ask if I've just had a holiday. Mr Banwell Thank You for all that you did for me."

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