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Best Breast Reduction Surgeon London

Paul Banwell has established a reputation as one of the best breast reduction surgeons in London. Breast reduction surgery not only helps you to feel more comfortable but it can boost your self-esteem too.

Breast reduction surgery is intended for women whose size of breasts is causing them mental or physical anguish.

This type of surgery may be helpful if you experience back pain, neck pain, or emotional distress as a result of having overly large breasts.

Mr. Paul Banwell is a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon who has won numerous awards. He is a well-regarded medical author, lecturer, and instructor who frequently appears in mainstream media, including the BBC, Women’s Health, Vogue, and Tatler.

Start your breast reduction journey with a no-obligation consultation with Mr. Banwell. You can contact the clinic on 01342 330302 or email if you need more information.

Paul Banwell consults from his Harley Street clinic in London as well as from clinics in Tunbridge Wells and East Grinstead.


What is a reduction mammoplasty?

A reduction mammoplasty, commonly referred to as a breast reduction treatment, is a surgical procedure that involves removing breast tissue to make the breasts smaller and lighter. The contour of the breasts can also be enhanced with breast reduction surgery.


Why consider a breast reduction with Paul Banwell London?

There are numerous advantages offered by breast reduction surgery. Here are a few typical benefits that people having the operation experience.


Relief from Physical Discomfort

Neck, back and shoulder pain might be brought on by a large breast size. Those who choose breast reduction surgery can live more comfortable lives after the breast reduction procedure.


Better Posture

Excess tissue or excessive breast weight and size might aggravate bad posture. By lessening the strain on the musculoskeletal system, Mr. Banwell can conduct breast reduction surgery to enhance posture and restore spinal alignment.


Improved Lifestyle

Sports and physical activities might be difficult for people who have heavy breasts or whose breasts are excessively large. People who have a reduction mammoplasty can participate in activities they might have shunned in the past, which makes for a more active and satisfying existence.


Increased Self-confidence

Sometimes people feel self-conscious and draw unwelcome attention because of their large breasts. Reducing self-consciousness and increasing self-esteem, breast reduction surgery can help people attain breasts that are more proportionate to their bodies.


Improved Positioning and Appearance

Techniques for breast reduction can also aid in elevating the position of the areolas or nipples, which point downward. This can produce an aesthetically attractive effect by drastically altering the breast form overall.


Relief from Skin Irritation and Rashes

The possibility of skin irritation and rashes developing behind the breast fold will be decreased with reduction mammaplasty.


What to expect from breast reconstructive surgery

Be ready to spend a few days in the hospital following breast reduction surgery, as the procedure usually requires at least an overnight stay.

The reduction mammoplasty will be performed under general anaesthetic and can take up to three hours to complete while excess fat and excess skin are removed.


Breast reduction techniques that minimise scarring

During the surgical procedure, incision sites are made under the breast crease and around the nipple vertically. Although patients usually understand that scars are an inevitable feature of any cosmetic surgery procedure, Paul Banwell will make a great effort to ensure that breast reduction scars are minimised.

As part of your breast surgery, Paul Banwell can move the nipple up on the breast to prevent drooping or sagging of the remaining breast tissue.


Is there a non-surgical alternative to reduce breast size?

For younger women and teenagers looking to reduce their breast size, liposuction can be a fantastic alternative. It can help remove moderate quantities of breast tissue and fat in addition to helping reduce breast volume by about one cup size.

You won’t need to stay in the hospital if Paul Banwell decides that liposuction breast reduction is a good option for you.


How much does breast reduction surgery cost in London?

Best Breast Reduction Surgeon London

Our clinic can send you an estimate for your procedure at the hospital of your choosing after your consultation. The hospital fee, the anaesthetist’s fee, and Mr. Banwell’s fee are all included in the estimate. This also includes your follow-up consultation with Mr. Banwell and a dressing clinic follow-up with the nursing staff following your treatment.

If your operation calls for post-operative clothing, you will be given the information to buy it at a reduced cost. As of right now, we suggest MACOM clothing and the staff at The Banwell Clinic would be pleased to send you our exclusive discount code.


About Paul Banwell, London – One of the Best Breast Reduction Surgeons

Very few surgeons can match Paul Banwell’s flawless credentials and experience. Renowned for his breast augmentation and reduction surgeries, he is a highly sought-after cosmetic and plastic surgeon.

Paul Banwell has a distinguished international reputation thanks to his proficiency in skin health, skin cancer, scarring, regenerative medicine, and cosmetic surgery. More about his wide background and areas of expertise can be found here.

We recognise that choosing to have breast reduction or plastic surgery is a major decision, and you’ll want to be sure you know everything there is to know about the process. Before any operation, we invite all patients to an initial consultation for breast reduction. This is because we believe that you should have complete faith in your surgeon.


Book Your Consultation for Breast Reduction Surgery

Mr Banwell consults from his Harley Street London clinic as well as from clinics in Tunbridge Wells and East Grinstead.

Start your breast reduction journey with a no-obligation consultation at our London clinic. You can contact us on 01342 330302 or email if you need more information. 

Paul Banwell
19 Harley Street

I felt upon meeting Mr Banwell that I was really comfortable dealing with him. He put me at ease with his friendly and professional approach. My overall experience was excellent, I can’t praise it enough. Mr Banwell was so patient with all my questions, he explained everything clearly, he is so friendly as well as professional and his admin team back up his service perfectly. You all turned a daunting experience in to a breeze. I would recommend you to everyone.

Felicity C.

I was kept well informed and thought it was excellent to see Mr Banwell before surgery, during recovery and afterwards to hear all went well. It was something that caused me discomfort and sensitivity and now I feel much happier not only with the appearance but more importantly it is much more comfortable for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr Banwell to my friends, he is truly professional yet has a nice relaxed manner which puts you at ease.

Helen S.

I read about Mr Banwell on the internet and after speaking to him on the telephone, when he explained how he would help, I felt confident that I had found a solution. Mr Banwell gave my daughter a course of epiduo and this made an improvement quite quickly. He then suggested a course of Tetralysal and this has now completely transformed her skin. She is acne free.

Zoe B.

Thank you so much for your surgery and your fantastic caring and positive attitude which makes so much difference for patients, me included!

Mike S.

Care given prior to, during and after my operation has been extremely thorough. With specialist available to speak to at my own convenience, all aspects of the operation were readily explored and advice was tailored to fit my individual expectations. A particular benefit of Mr Banwell’s surgery was the flexibility in timing with both appointments as well as the actual operation date. Although the decision to undergo surgery was a difficult choice, Mr Banwell proved honest and realistic about expectations and the final outcome was exactly what I had requested. Although it is a decision not to be taken lightly, I would recommend Mr Banwell to any woman in the correct mind set.

Zoe L.

Mr Paul Banwell performed a wider excision for me in April 2008 following a diagnosis of melanoma. The care and support provided by him has been second to none and I would have no hesitation in recommending him. Paul’s approach to surgery and post-surgery is one of honesty and excellence in his field of expertise. I feel safe in his care.

Sarah B.


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