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Best Labiaplasty Surgeon UK


Consultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon Mr Paul Banwell FRCS(Plast) can safely be counted as one of the best labiaplasty surgeons in the UK. Indeed, a claim of being one of the best all-round plastic surgeons can also be made with his interests in cosmetic breast surgery, mummy makeovers and liposuction as well.

This is firmly evidenced in his abiding commitment to cosmetic-surgery excellence, exceptional training, research & development, and the X-factor that makes everything else work well in harmony: an unswerving commitment to patient well-being and a passion for plastic surgery’s role in improving well-being.

If you would like to consult and talk to one of the UK’s leading labiaplasty surgeons who can help you feel more confident in yourself, please do contact us today on 01342 330302 or email

We believe you are worth the best so please do not settle for something else.

We would be delighted to arrange Online consultations with Mr Banwell as well as face to face, in-person consultations.

Please also visit our main labiaplasty treatment page and download our labiaplasty factsheet

Table of Contents

      1. What is a labiaplasty?
      2. Reasons For Labiaplasty Surgery
      3. Functional Reasons
      4. Aesthetic Reasons
      5. The Surgery
      6. Preparation
      7. Suitability
      8. Labiaplasty Recovery
      9. Return to Work
      10. Risks
      11. Labiaplasty Cost
      12. Labiaplasty Surgeon, Mr Banwell

    Paul Banwell labiaplasty

    What is a Labiaplasty?

    A labiaplasty is an excellent cosmetic surgical procedure that reduces or/and reshapes the size of the labia minora – the small inner lips of the vagina (vulva). It is sometimes erroneously confused with a vaginoplasty – which is an internal vaginal tightening procedure – or with other (non-surgical) vaginal rejuvenation procedures

    What Are the Reasons for Having Labiaplasty Surgery?

    Your feelings about your body are unique and fully known only to you. But there are some salient reasons women seek a labiaplasty. In detailing these, we are addressing common concerns that lead people to ask for labiaplasty treatment. The list is not exhaustive. If it doesn’t cover YOUR particular reason for wanting surgery, then please do not worry. It doesn’t make your concern less valid. We simply ask you to talk to Mr Banwell about how he can help you.

    Broadly, two concerns are commonly conveyed from prospective patients. How the labia feels, what’s called ‘functional’ reasons for seeking labial reduction, and how it looks – aesthetic (appearance) reasons.

    Functional Concerns About the Labia

    Many women have enlarged labia: this can be genetic or a by-product of life changes such as childbirth and ageing. If it is a functional problem for you, there may be discomfort such as chafing and rubbing when clad in tight-fitting clothes like underwear, gym wear, swimwear, yoga pants and so on. There can also be irritation and rashes if the inner lips are especially elongated and disproportionately large. Long labia may also cause discomfort when exercising of any kind or during sexual intercourse. Naturally, this discomfort causes consideration of labiaplasty as a suitable treatment. Something, of course, that is best determined talking to someone like Mr Banwell.

    Aesthetic Concerns About the Labia

    It’s perhaps a cliche but no two genitalia, female or male, look alike. They come in all shapes and sizes. Mr Banwell was the first plastic surgeon in the world to describe the anatomical variations that exist. And some women may not like the look of their labia if the inner folds of skin in the labia – the labia minora – are asymmetrical or extremely long. This can sometimes be more distressing than physical discomfort because when we are profoundly unhappy with any part of our anatomy we can obsess about it to a degree that causes low self-esteem or interferes with enjoyment of everyday pursuits. When self-confidence is impacted and self-consciousness has set it, labiaplasty surgery may be the solution. Some women may alternatively want a sculpted vagina due to preferential aesthetics, the so-called designer vagina that is talked about rather incessantly in tabloids. Again, suitability for labial reduction procedures is best determined by talking to your prospective plastic surgeon, Mr Banwell.

    What Happens During a Labiaplasty Procedure?

    Paul Banwell labia majora reductionThe labiaplasty is usually carried out under general anaesthetic – Mr Banwell’s recommendation – that is administered by a qualified anaesthetist but the operation can also be performed under local anaesthetic with sedation. The labia can then be reshaped or reduced in line with agreed surgical objectives. This varies with each person’s goal so it may be eliminating stretching caused by childbirth or creating a more even appearance between the left and right labia minora.

    How Do You Prepare for Labiaplasty Surgery?

    Please make sure you maintain a good diet and hydrate in the week before surgery and try to avoid high levels of alcohol. It is vital you stop smoking 4 week prior to surgery. Oral nutritional supplements may also be useful (Mr Banwell can recommend)

    Are You Suitable?

    Suitability for labial surgery is determined at your consultation with Mr Banwell. He possesses the expertise and experience to accurately assess whether a prospective patient will benefit from this procedure

    How Long is Recovery from a Labiaplasty?

    • Can return home the same day of the operation, although overnight stay is possible depending on the hospital location
    • Little downtime as light activities can be undertaken after 48 hours
    • Minimal pain treated by mild painkillers
    • Can shower 72 hours surgery
    • Swelling peaks with 2-3 days and rapid recedes in following weeks
    • Sexual intercourse possible within 6 weeks
    • Minimal bruising
    • Dissolvable stitches

    How Much Time is Needed Off Work After Surgery?

    Generally 7-10 days is sufficient for post-op patients

    Are There Risks with a Labiaplasty?

    The patient satisfaction with labiaplasty surgery is extremely high. However, risks and complications apply to all forms of cosmetic surgery and labiaplasty is no different. Mr Banwell will discuss these in detail at the time of your consultations. There are downloadable information sheets too on our website. However, the main (albeit minor) risks include bleeding, return to theatre, infection, dehiscence and delayed wound healing as well as alteration in sensation.

    How Much Does a Labiaplasty Cost UK?

    The labiaplasty cost price is from £3680. The cost will includes surgical fees, hospital fees and specialist anaesthetist fee

    About Mr Banwell

    Mr Banwell is not only one of the UK’s best labiaplasty surgeons, but one of the best cosmetic surgeons, period. He has a special interest in labiaplasty surgery

    He has clinics in East Grinstead, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Haywards Heath and London. Mr Banwell has a specialist interest in labiaplasty surgery, labia reduction, labial reduction and female genital surgery. He has been a BAAPS spokesperson on this subject and is currently conducting research where the safety, psychology and techniques of labiaplasty surgery are the focus. For further information please do contact his office and you will receive confidential, supportive and discreet help from his staff. Please phone 01342 330302.

I can honestly say that having my abdominoplasty with Mr Paul Banwell was a truly incredible experience. All the staff were very friendly and efficient.  The care I received with him was expert, professional and totally honest and I found him to be extremely kind and reassuring. Every step of my procedure was explained clearly and in detail.  The nursing care was second to none and the team looked after me expertly and with dignity.  I have an amazing flat abdomen and my clothes look and feel so much better than before my surgery. My linear scar is flat and neat. Everyone comments on how lovely I look and I have found so much more confidence in myself.  I can highly recommend Paul and his team! With grateful thanks to you all!

Alison C.

Procedure was quick, pain fee and I was made to feel at ease. I would highly recommend Mr Banwell, he provided an honest opinion of the result and all the options. I barely have a scar to speak of! Great result.

Claire H.

The surgery is very neat with minimal scarring.

Mr Banwell exceeded all expectation as did his team. Excellent communication and explanation of all procedures. 100% punctual, 100% attentive. The operation was a stunning success and virtually invisible. The whole process of dealing with Paul and the team has been so simple and easy. Options and operational procedures were explained and executed superbly. A total professional and perfectionist who demonstrates great skill, care and knowledge. I would have no hesitation to recommend Paul Banwell. Quite simply, if you want the best, Paul is it!

Tim H.

After deciding to go down the surgery route I contact Mr Banwell’s team and was dealt with quickly and efficiently but most of all everyone was so friendly and helpful which put me at ease. The care from start to finish and still on-going was 110% and everyone who I dealt with was fantastic. Mr Banwell was always professional and friendly and put me at ease from the very beginning. I am so pleased with my results and putting myself in Mr Banwell’s care was the best thing I could have done. It has completely changed my life and I can’t thank you all enough. I have already recommended you to my aunty! Thanks again.

Ruth G.

I am delighted to say that everything has settled down very well and my upper lids are looking extremely good. I would like to thank you for the tremendous care you have taken with me over the past 15 months.

Rosemary F.


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