How to manage lockdown skin and maskne

24th November 2020

Are you suffering from #lockdownskin and #maskne (mask induced acne)? You are not alone!

During times of stress or upheaval, our skin often responds in ways we do not expect and problems during yet another lockdown is not unexpected.

You may have noticed some changes to your skin lately in the form of increased sensitivity, redness, dryness or breakouts.

This is a completely normal reaction to changes in daily routines, constant use of masks, increased stress levels, less exercise than usual and perhaps a few extra drinks here and there!

So what is our advice?

First of all, please do not force it and knee-jerk. As we know, when big changes happen, the best thing you can do is to go with the flow and just let your body adjust to this new normal. The Banwell Clinic simple solutions are: 

Drink up! 
No, we’re not talking about another glass of prosecco or winehere. Make sure you stay hydrated with at least 6 glasses of fresh, filtered water every day to keep your body refreshed and to flush any toxins from your system.

Nourish from the inside out – 
Diet!Maskne Diet


Whilst it is super tempting to bake another cake or banana bread, increased sugar levels in the body will always have an adverse effect on the skin and quite possibly be responsible for all those annoying spots and breakouts!

Try to keep healthy with low sugar snacks on hand like yoghurt, fruit, veggie sticks with hummus or nuts. Make sure you eat three, healthy balanced meals each day that are full of fibre, whole grains and fresh fruit and vegetables to keep your energy levels high and body full of nutrients which will help feed your skin. Note to self – breakfast is important!


Chill out / self-care time


Take some time out every day to practice some mindfulness or chill-out time. There are some wonderful Apps available out there that offer guided meditations which are perfect for these times. Even if you just allow yourself 15-20 minutes per day with a drink and no technology, your mind and body will reap the benefits.

Increased levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in your system do not do your skin any good, so keeping calm and relaxing is essential.  Even think about the importance of bathing with bath salts, candles and relaxing music.

Or even Mr Banwell’s favourite – Rationale’s Immunologist Mask available exclusively at the Banwell Clinic

Exercise / Keep moving 
Daily exercise, whether it is a fast walk, run or an online workout class will bring you so many benefits. We know exercise is great for keeping weight down, endorphin levels and toning muscle but you are also helping to balance hormones, flush toxins, increase energy levels, assist with sleep patterns and decrease stress.

Feed your skin – good skin care!


Establish a good skincare routine with at home products and rituals to keep your skin balanced, hydrated and nourished. We recommend Rationale Skin care, ARTIS London supplements for discerning lifestyles, Muse Lip Care and Skinade.

If your skin needs have changed during lockdown, we are here to help guide you on everything you need.

Feel free to call at any time! 01342 330302 or email

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