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Cosmetic Surgery Trends

16th June 2019

Top Trends in Cosmetic Procedures This Year

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery in 2019, you are not alone.

Demand for procedures that help to enhance your natural beauty alongside more traditional surgical techniques is continuing to rise. Figures from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show a 200% increase in demand for minimally invasive  treatments like Botox and fillers since the year 2000. New treatments are continuing to be developed all the time; this year alone we expect three new procedures to be approved by the US Food and Drink Administration.

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures offer people the chance to experience aesthetic enhancements without the cost and risk of full-blown cosmetic surgery. Many such procedures can be performed during a lunch break and there is an immediate and visible improvement, with no lengthy recovery period. The lower cost means that they are affordable for a wider range of people, including men who account for a growing percentage of people undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Figures released by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery showed that in 2018 80% of all treatments performed by facial plastic surgeons were non-surgical cosmetic procedures. We anticipate they will continue to grow in popularity.

Surgery that enhances rather than alters

Traditional surgical procedures like breast augmentations, breast uplifts and liposuction are perennially popular and this year we expect to see continuing demand. However, one thing that has changed in recent years is the extent to which people wish to change their natural assets. Rather than opting for implants that create a dramatically different body shape, people are tending to choose smaller, less obvious implants that give a more natural look eg. Motiva Ergonomix implant range. Gone too is the “trout pout” in favour of more subtle, less obvious and more harmonious lip fillers.

This trend towards more natural cosmetic surgery appears to be here to stay and, as Plastic Surgeons, we welcome it and encourage people to regard treatments as a way to enhance and subtly improve their natural beauty rather than radically altering it.

Targeting troublesome areas

Linked to this is the growing trend of micro-optimisations. If you have an area of your body that drives you mad every time you look in a mirror – whether it’s stretched piercings from wearing heavy earrings or a minor bump in the bridge of your nose – these treatments are designed to help. Your cosmetic surgeon, Mr Banwell, can target very specific areas and correct them using targeted fillers. As with many other treatments, the aim is not to alter your appearance radically but to smooth those areas that you might find troubling and give you more confidence.

A “prevention” mindset

As cosmetic procedures become more mainstream we are seeing people opting to have them at an earlier and earlier age. Some people are even using them as a way of maintaining their youth and avoiding the need more invasive forms of surgery later in life.

There has been a welcome fall in the number of people trying to have cosmetic surgery on the cheap by travelling overseas to third world countries. This follows high profile publicity about the potentially devastating impact of such choices, which can lead to the need for remedial surgery and reversal treatments, as well as long-term damage in some cases.

Whatever type of surgery you are considering, it is always advisable to discuss it in detail with your surgeon, to read plenty of reviews and look at examples of their work before making a final decision.

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