Mr Banwell discusses sensitive subject: surgery down there!

15th November 2012

Labiaplasty surgery is becoming increasingly popular and Mr Banwell, Cosmetic Surgeon in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London has noted a huge increase in recent years. Unfortunately, the press are quick to jump on the influence of porn as a major influence in  this increase. However, despite a recent article in More magazine, Mr Banwell, believes this couldn’t be further from the truth: ‘ the majority of my patients are level-headed and quite simply want to reduce the size of their labia to help with discomfort on exercise or in their clothes or indeed problems with intercourse. It is quite amazing the degree of functional problems that can actually arise with enlarged labia’. He adds ‘patient satisfaction with labiaplasty surgery is extremely high’


Rise in labiplasty surgery is due to increase awareness says Mr Banwell

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