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Breast Implants London

Find a top-rated clinic for breast implants in London where your wishes for an ideal physique can become a reality. Led by Paul Banwell, a highly skilled British and internationally-trained plastic and cosmetic surgeon, The Banwell Clinic specialises in expert breast augmentation procedures.

Breast implants are a popular solution to address various concerns such as asymmetry, underdevelopment, or loss of volume due to factors like pregnancy or weight loss. When you choose Paul Banwell for your breast enlargement surgery, expect to receive compassionate care, access to state-of-the-art facilities and tailored solutions.


We prioritise your safety and comfort throughout your journey, ensuring a successful outcome. You’ll find The Banwell Clinic on Harley Street in London. We take pride in offering a luxurious and comfortable environment, ensuring that you can relax and feel at ease during your entire breast augmentation journey.

Get in touch online, call 01342 330302 or email for more information about breast augmentation surgery with Paul Banwell.


Premier Breast Enlargement Surgery in London

When you’re searching for the top breast augmentation surgery in London, it can be quite frustrating and time-consuming to find the right information. We understand that when it comes to achieving a confident and feminine silhouette, the abundance of options, conflicting information and fear of making the wrong choice can be overwhelming.

Paul Banwell is a highly esteemed authority in the field of breast enlargement surgery. Renowned for his exceptional skills and expertise, he consistently achieves remarkable results that enhance the look of breasts by increasing their fullness, firmness and optimal positioning. Patients can trust in his expertise to deliver stunning outcomes.

You can view Paul Banwell’s before and after gallery of previous breast implant surgery patients.


State-of-the-art Clinic, Award-winning Surgeon

Choosing a skilled professional is crucial when considering cosmetic procedures, particularly breast enlargement surgery. Their expertise will greatly impact the quality of your results, ensuring you achieve exceptional outcomes.

Although breast enlargement surgery is widely sought after, it is crucial to approach them with careful consideration. Settling for anything less than excellence when it comes to enhancing your appearance is paramount.

Paul Banwell’s vast experience in the field makes him highly knowledgeable in a range of breast surgery procedures. Whatever your specific requirements may be, he is well-equipped to provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.


Breast Implants at a Glance

It can be confusing to know the difference between breast implants, breast augmentation and breast enlargement surgery. Breast enlargement surgery involves using breast implants to enhance the size and shape of the existing breast tissue.

Breast augmentation surgery targets asymmetry in the breasts and may involve the repositioning of the nipple if the patient desires. Breast augmentation may or may not involve the use of breast implants depending on the patient’s wishes.


Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery with Breast Implants

Some of the main reasons for undergoing breast augmentation surgery with breast implants include:

  • To change the breast size and shape
  • To improve volume after pregnancy or weight loss
  • To correct congenital breast defects
  • To alter the direction and position of the breasts
  • To improve firmness
  • To correct breast asymmetry
  • To correct nipple inversion

Paul Banwell takes pride in offering a personalised approach to every breast augmentation surgery he performs. He understands that each patient has unique needs and preferences, which is why he tailors all breast enhancement procedures accordingly.

Whether you opt for breast implants, fat transfer or even a combination of both using Mr Banwell’s innovative HYBA technique, you can be confident that the results will be customised specifically to suit your requirements.


What is the Cost of Breast Enlargement Surgery in London?

The cost of breast enlargement surgery will depend on the technique you choose for your surgical procedure. You can find approximate costs for breast augmentation surgery, breast uplift and breast enlargement procedures with Paul Banwell on our website.

Alternatively, get in touch to discuss your requirements and we’ll happily provide a more accurate quote.


What Happens at Your Breast Enlargement Consultation?

Before any breast enlargement or breast augmentation surgery takes place, all patients are required to have a no-obligation consultation with Paul Banwell. This is an opportunity to discuss your goals and desires, ask any questions you may have and set expectations together.

You will never be pressured into deciding on breast enlargement surgery during your consultation. We encourage patients to take away the information, digest it and then make an informed decision about whether or not to go ahead with the breast enlargement procedure.


What are My Options for the Type of Breast Implants?

Patients undergoing breast enlargement surgery can choose from the following types of breast implants:

  • Silicone gel implants: One of the most commonly used breast implants in breast enlargement surgery. Mr Banwell prefers to use the latest generation Ergonomix gel implants from Motiva.
  • Textured breast implants
  • Round or tear-drop-shaped implants (anatomical implants)
  • A range of different projected implants (commonly called profiles)

Will I Have Scars from Breast Enlargement Surgery?

An advantage of Mr Banwell’s breast enlargement procedure is that it offers a shorter recovery time and results in smaller scars compared to other techniques. This means you can expect to heal faster and have less noticeable scarring after the procedure.

After undergoing breast enlargement surgery, it is important to allow yourself enough time to recover. Typically, breast augmentation recovery can take around 8 weeks or even longer. 

During this time, you will have a series of post-operative appointments with Mr Banwell to ensure that your recovery progress is monitored and any necessary adjustments or further guidance can be provided.

Breast Implants London

Breast Augmentation Surgery – Schedule Your Consultation

Get in touch to find out more about the breast augmentation procedure with Paul Banwell. Book a consultation online, call 01342 330302 or email

Where to find us

The Banwell Clinic
19 Harley Street

During the time I have been in the care of Paul and the team I have been treated extremely well and very professionally, I could not have asked for better care. Paul was extremely caring and considerate throughout this time and has put me at ease during any procedures that I have had carried out. I trust his judgement completely and recommended Paul to a close family member who had a similar problem.

Frances W.

…the care I received was expert, professional and totally honest.

I decided to have treatment with Mr Banwell as I had been seeing him on several occasions regarding stomach irregularities due to a disastrous lipo operation abroad a few years ago. We discussed various options together and I always felt comfortable talking with Mr Banwell and trust him completely to give me the correct advice when considering surgery. I felt my expectations were realistic as Mr Banwell had advised me of the possible downside of the procedure. However, all my expectations were exceeded tenfold! My stomach is looking so much better aesthetically and my breasts look amazing! Mr Banwell and his team excelled at making me feel comfortable and relaxed. I felt I was able to discuss matters with friendly people who cared. I feel Mr Banwell takes time to cover all aspects of the procedure in a friendly, caring and informative manner. I feel happy to say one couldn’t be in safer hands. My overall experience with Mr Banwell and his team has been very positive in all aspects culminating in amazing results. I couldn’t be happier.

Karen D.

The surgery is very neat with minimal scarring.

I asked around and was told that Mr Banwell was the best in his field. I don’t know what my expectations were but the result was great, all my friends think my eyes look brighter and more open. I had no bruising which I was told I might have. Mr Banwell and his team excelled in making my life very easy for me, with arrangements and liaising with the hospital which didn’t always have my details correct, they were very helpful and answered all my questions, nothing was too much trouble. Mr Banwell put me at ease and I was not worried about the operation at all.

Wendy B.

…total expertise and attention to detail in surgery.


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