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Breast reduction London


If your large breasts are causing discomfort, pain and self-consciousness, a breast reduction in London with leading surgeon Paul Banwell, could bring you much-needed relief.


breast reduction LondonThe effects of having overly large breasts can be both physically and emotionally draining. From back, neck and shoulder pain to loss of self-confidence, women in London who are looking for a way to restore their health, comfort and appearance, can rest assured they are in safe hands with Mr Banwell. 


Paul Banwell is a certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in breast reduction surgery. He is committed to giving you the highest quality care possible as he helps you get back to feeling confident and comfortable in your skin.


Schedule a consultation with Paul Banwell today for a safe and effective breast reduction solution. You can call the clinic on 01342 330302 or email



How much does breast reduction surgery in London cost?


Prices will vary depending on your circumstances, but you can expect to pay around £8200 for the breast reduction procedure with Mr Banwell in London. To get started, you’ll need to book a breast reduction consultation with Mr Banwell.


After discussing the details of your procedure, our office can give you an estimate for the cost of your hospital care. The estimates cover the hospital fee, anaesthetist’s fee and Mr Banwell’s fee. 


After your breast reduction, you’ll be invited to the clinic where dedicated nurses will keep you updated on your progress and you’ll also have follow-up appointments with Mr Banwell to check you are on track for optimal results. Breast reduction recovery can take several weeks to months.



What size of breasts can benefit from breast reduction?


Anyone with disproportionately large breasts can benefit from breast reduction. However, surgeons don’t emphasise breast size when evaluating a patient for breast reduction surgery. Instead, they focus more on the physical and mental effects that having oversized breasts can have on an individual.


Large and heavy breasts can be altered with breast surgery. A breast reduction London will help to reduce the weight of the breasts and can leave you with a beautiful, natural breast shape. It can be an effective way to get the appearance of a breast lift since the procedure will alter the appearance of your natural breast shape.


So if you have very large breasts, or just feel that your breasts are overly large for your frame, you should be suitable for breast reduction surgery.


Breast reduction surgery will address excess breast tissue, and ensure that the remaining breast tissue is aesthetically pleasing. Breast reduction is a form of breast augmentation surgery that can enhance the appearance and feel of your breast tissue.


Breast reduction is suitable for male breasts, and you may even be able to have breast reduction if you have had breast enlargement procedures in the past.



Why choose a breast reduction in London?


There are many reasons why people choose breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery can help alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain as well as improve posture. It can also have the effect of reducing the size of your breasts for a more aesthetically pleasing look.


Breast reduction also helps to improve body shape, and this allows for more unrestricted activity. A breast reduction procedure can raise and repair the position of downward pointing large breasts, reducing the likelihood of rashes forming underneath the breasts.


Not to mention, breast reduction can restore your self-esteem and self-confidence, giving you the freedom to wear what you like and take part in the activities you enjoy.



What to expect from the breast reduction procedure


There are various breast reduction techniques, but one that is preferred by Paul Banwell is liposuction. This method can help to minimise the risk of breast reduction scars as it is one of the less minimally invasive breast reduction procedures.


Liposuction is a viable option for reducing breast size in younger people, usually those who only need to decrease by about one cup size. It works best when there is already a moderate amount of fat in the breasts. 


Liposuction and breast reduction can ultimately lead to a more symmetrical body shape and position of the nipples. However, not every patient is eligible for this procedure as the skin must be healthy enough to enable retraction and the nipple position must be suitable for correction.


You can view the before and after gallery of Paul Banwell’s breast reduction patients who have been highly satisfied with their results. Breast reduction recovery will take several weeks, and you will meet with Mr Banwell at various points throughout the recovery process.


Book a breast reduction consultation to get started with breast reduction in London.



About Paul Banwell


Paul Banwell is an established plastic and cosmetic surgeon, boasting a great deal of experience in the field. His impressive practice located on London’s famous Harley Street offers luxury facilities for in-depth consultations. He additionally has clinics based in East Grinstead, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Brighton and Haywards Heath.


Mr Banwell is a renowned cosmetic surgeon, regenerative medicine specialist and skin health and cancer expert. He has given lectures on these topics at universities and conferences around the globe.


Well known in the beauty industry, he has been recognised and lauded in various UK magazines – Tatler, BBC, The Times (UK’s Top 100 Doctors) to name a few. He remains a popular choice among beauty editors.


Mr Banwell has a distinguished career in plastic surgery, which includes lecturing at Harvard Medical School.


If you choose to undergo breast reduction surgery, you’ll want to ensure you are booking in with an experienced and renowned surgeon in the field. Paul Banwell can perform breast reduction surgery to the highest standards of care, ensuring you get optimal results.



Get in touch about breast reduction London


For more information about breast reduction in London with Paul Banwell please call 01342 330302 or email




If you have any questions about the breast reduction procedure, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Breast surgery is one of Paul Banwell’s signature treatments, and he can help you to achieve the breast size you are looking for.


Paul Banwell
19 Harley Street
W1G 9QJ 


My care was efficient and effective, the office staff were excellent and the clinic clean. Mr Banwell did a very good job under difficult circumstances given the length of time the BCC had been there. I would definitely recommend Mr Banwell.

Anthea C.

…total expertise and attention to detail in surgery.

…the care I received was expert, professional and totally honest.

I was very happy with the care I got from Mr Banwell, his team and the staff at the McIndoe Surgical Centre. Mr Banwell and his team were extremely friendly and quick to meet my needs at all times. The team were very professional and always made me feel at ease and welcome at all my consultations and throughout my stay at the surgical centre. The outcome of my surgery is amazing! I am extremely happy with the results I got; it turned out better than I thought. The surgery has really helped my confidence and way of life and I am very grateful for that. Mr Banwell is a fantastic surgeon with a very friendly and professional approach, which is wonderful. I would definitely, without hesitation, recommend Mr Banwell and his team to others considering cosmetic surgery.

Hannah G.

Thank you so much for doing an amazing job on my breast enlargement.

Louise P.

I was kept well informed and thought it was excellent to see Mr Banwell before surgery, during recovery and afterwards to hear all went well. It was something that caused me discomfort and sensitivity and now I feel much happier not only with the appearance but more importantly it is much more comfortable for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr Banwell to my friends, he is truly professional yet has a nice relaxed manner which puts you at ease.

Helen S.


realself Top Contributor
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