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Cosmetic Surgery Brighton

Paul Banwell is an award-winning Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon providing outstanding cosmetic surgery in Brighton.

If you’re looking for anti-ageing skincare, body enhancements, tattoo removal or breast surgery, Paul Banwell is a top-rated specialist who can help.

The Banwell Clinic in Brighton offers a vast range of treatments for most skin and body concerns and conditions. Read on to find out more about some of the specialist treatments Paul Banwell can offer.

Also referred to as the ‘Skin King’, Mr Banwell holds an international reputation for being at the forefront of medical practices and technological advancements. His consistent high-praise feedback from clients shows exactly why he is valued by peers and patients alike.

Paul Banwell Cosmetic Surgery Brighton

The Banwell Clinic, Brighton

Due to high demand, Paul Banwell carries out cosmetic surgery procedures from a number of different clinical sites including in Brighton.

The Banwell Clinic Brighton is located within the Nuffield Health Hospital on Warren Road. Mr Banwell also runs clinics in East Grinstead, Tunbridge Wells and Harley Street in London.

The Banwell Clinic is able to offer Brighton cosmetic surgery patients excellent, modern facilities that cater for a wide range of medical and cosmetic procedures.

We know that patients travel from all over the country and internationally to receive treatment from Paul Banwell and that’s why patient comfort and safety are our number one priority.

Award-winning Cosmetic Surgery Brighton

With specialisms in cosmetic breast surgery, mummy makeovers, tummy tucks, labiaplasty, liposuction, fat transfer techniques and caesarean section scar revisions, Paul Banwell offers unrivalled cosmetic procedures in Brighton.

Mr Banwell is also an extensively published author and favourite with beauty editors, having been featured in the likes of Tatler, the BBC and The Times (UK’s Top 100 Doctors). 

Over 10 years’ experience in the cosmetic surgery industry sets Mr Banwell aside, along with his genuine desire to help patients find solutions for cosmetic and medical skin and body concerns.

To book a consultation at the Banwell Clinic in Brighton call 01342 330302 or email

Breast Augmentation Brighton

Breast augmentation and enlargement are popular procedures to change the size and/or shape of the breasts. This is a common treatment also used to correct asymmetry.

Breast Augmentation Brighton

Breast Uplift Brighton

The shape of the breasts can also be improved with breast uplift surgery, sometimes referred to as mastopexy. 

With this procedure, the breast skin envelope is redraped to raise the position of the nipple. This treatment helps with breast shape and firmness.

Breast Reduction Brighton

Breast reduction mammoplasty is a treatment used particularly when the patient is experiencing back, neck or shoulder pain as a result of the breasts.

Reducing the size of the breasts reduces the amount of strain put on other parts of the body.

Inverted Nipple Correction Brighton

Inverted nipples can be corrected with surgery when non-surgical methods are unsuitable. This condition occurs as a result of the breast milk ducts being too short.

Various surgical methods are possible, which can be discussed during consultation.

Tummy Tuck Brighton

Tummy tuck procedures involve contouring and the removal of excess skin to make the abdomen flatter and tighter.

This procedure is included in Paul Banwell’s Mummy Makeover treatment.

Liposuction Brighton

If you are struggling to shift excess weight from dieting and exercise then liposuction could help. This is a technique used to reduce body fat deposits in certain areas of the body. 

Liposuction is usually targeted around the hips, waist, legs, arms and buttocks.

Liposuction Brighton

Labiaplasty Brighton

Labiaplasty is a procedure used to change the appearance or size of the labia. It can be used purely for aesthetic reasons, or to alleviate discomfort.

This treatment involves the sculpting of the labia to a more desired look or feel.

Mole Removal Brighton

Paul Banwell is a specialist in mole and skin tag removal. Surgical mole removal can often leave scarring so a specialist in this field is a must to ensure minimal scarring.

Various surgical techniques can be used to remove skin tags, moles, and birthmarks.

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Location and Opening Hours for Paul Banwell Brighton

Paul Banwell, Warren Road, Brighton, BN2 6DX

01342 330302

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Monday 09:00am – 4:00pm

Tuesday 09:00am – 4:00pm

Wednesday 09:00am – 4:00pm

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Access Information

The Banwell Clinic headquarters are located in East Grinstead but Mr Paul Banwell also holds clinics in Brighton, London and Tunbridge Wells.

We encourage all patients to arrive with ample time to find a secure parking spot and locate the clinic, since the area can get busy during peak times.

About Brighton

Brighton is a vibrant city that lies in the heart of Sussex. It is known for being a seaside resort, located on the south coast of England.

With its landmarks and a high number of independent shops, it is a fantastic place to spend a day or weekend. This characterful city combines sea and countryside making it a popular draw for tourists and locals alike.

Brighton has excellent transport links and many people commute regularly between Brighton and London. Most rail links serve Gatwick Airport and the quickest route from London Victoria takes approximately 51 minutes.

The consultation was conducted quickly, professionally but Mr Banwell also made me feel as if any question I may have wouldn’t not be too small or insignificant for him to take the time to answer. He left me feeling fully informed with both the pros and cons of any form of elective surgery but also that my worries were normal and that he would be able to assist me with my desired outcomes. His team were caring and professional making me feel that they were actually interested and were able to accommodate my dates when making the initial consultation booking. Prompt returning of calls, flexibility in booking of appointments friendliness, informative, caring and professional from the initial telephone call, the surgery, follow up appointments right through to my final appointment made me feel that my care, personal views and worries were important to them at all times. You can trust him to always be honest with you about the possible problems and outcomes. Overall experience with Mr Banwell and his team? Amazing! I just wish I’d not waited so many years to have this procedure done; I have my life back and it’s amazing to be able to walk into any shop and buy clothes that fit in my actual size and not 5 dress sizes larger just to fit my bust in. With the Upper Blepharoplasty everyone in my family says that I now look so much brighter and not tired, others I meet just tell me I look really great and ask if I’ve just had a holiday. Mr Banwell Thank You for all that you did for me.

Anne G.

After the first consultation I felt I was in some of the best hands. I expected to feel more confidence in myself ? this was met and exceeded! I didn?t expect the scars to be so neat and small I am very pleased with them. It was a great experience; there was always someone to contact/speak to with questions and they were all supportive. You will not be disappointed.

Kirstie W.

I had my brachioplasty in May and the surgery was very successful. The cosmetic appearance was quickly noticeable, with no complications arising from the procedure. I would certainly recommend Mr Paul Banwell and his team to all my friends, as they were extremely helpful and friendly.

Diana H.

Mr Banwell had by far the best experience and training for the procedure I needed; I was thrilled with the results. I was very pleased with everything. I was looked after by an amazing nurse and the results definitely made it worthwhile.

Megan L.

Mr Banwell and his team were really great. They were friendly, professional and love to deal with. Mr Banwell did amazing work for me and I’m absolutely delighted with the outcome. I would highly recommend Mr Banwell to anyone who is thinking about breast augmentation.

Mise S.

I was extremely happy with the care I received; all the staff were polite, friendly and caring. I felt totally at ease and everything was very efficient.  I am very happy with the outcome and I would have no hesitation about recommending Mr Banwell. I fact I already have to 2 people! Thank you.

Gemma P.


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The Banwell Clinic

The Banwell Clinic is recognised as a boutique cosmetic clinic specialising in all aspects of skin health and our philosophy is to help Protect, Restore & Rejuvenate your face and body.  Our extensive portfolio of treatments include injectables, thread lifts, plasma shower, luxurious signature facials, acne treatments, microdermabrasion, hair removal and cellulite treatments, all carried out in a friendly, warm environment by an expert team.

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