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Fat Transfer Brighton

Increasingly popular and used for a variety of procedures, fat transfer cosmetic surgery is available in Brighton through renowned surgeon Dr Paul Banwell.

Consultations are available at Paul’s Brighton Nuffield clinic, a convenient location on Warren Road in Woodingdean (BN2 6DX on the sat nav).

Rated as one of the UK’s Top 100 Doctors by The Times, Paul provides a huge degree of skill and experience in fat transfer in the UK and has consulted with many patients considering fat transfer surgery.

This is a form of surgery that has seen a growth in popularity and is being used in a growing number of ways.

Breast augmentation is a common use for fat transfer, this often forming part of a Mummy Makeover. Paul can also perform labia fat transfer surgery and use this innovative technique for scar treatments and hair restoration.

In choosing Paul, you are opting for a surgeon who has been at the forefront of the development of fat transfer surgery and has a reputation for being a thought leader among cosmetic surgeons. This is demonstrated by his regular appearances on TV and in the national media and also his professional record of having held renowned Fellowships and written many articles for leading research and medical journals.

To book an initial consultation to discuss whether fat transfer can achieve the goals you are looking for, please call us today on 01342 330302, use the online booking form or send an email.

Fat Transfer Treatments in Brighton

The following fat transfer treatments are available in Brighton

Breast Fat Transfer

Fat can be injected into the breast to create the desired shape and size – this fat removed during liposuction. Often, this surgery is part of a Mummy Makeover and breast fat transfer is among the most popular procedures Paul performs.

As well as the physical benefits of this surgery which can also boost self esteem and confidence, the fat injections can also have anti-ageing benefits. The fat cells removed during liposuction are purified and contain high levels of stem cells, these having rejuvenating properties. 

Paul uses the leading PureGraft system for his breast fat transfers, this greatly improving the ‘take’ rate and reducing risk of any infection.

Breast fat transfer can be used alone to reshape and volumes the breasts or in combination with implants. This would be discussed in a detailed consulatation, Paul working with the prospective patient to discuss the desired outcomes and then the best way to achieve that result. Any decision to undergo surgery is always arrived at mutually.

For a surgeon with Paul’s experience and specialist knowledge, the procedure itself is relatively straightforward and recovery post operation is quick.

A patient can typically return to work inside a week (sometimes after just a day or two) and return to light exercise in a matter of weeks. Post operative care and a schedule for returning to activity would of course be discussed and Paul remains on hand to answer any queries.

Labia Fat Transfer

Labia fat transfer is increasingly popular as many women seek to create a more youthful appearance through the ‘puffing’ of the labia majora.

Fat, usually taken from the abdomen or outer thighs, is injected into the outer labia.

This is a straightforward procedure, but again expertise and experience helps to ensure the very best results. For instance, Paul knows that it is usually necessary to ‘over correct’, this because there is usually some degree of reabsorption and so, this counters the initial over correct to leave final results as desired.

Arrange a consultation with Paul at his Brighton clinic to discuss this procedure. 

Fat Transfer for other procedures

Fat transfer’s growing popularity as a surgical method has seen it used for a wide range of purposes.

Two others that are worth mentioning are the treatment of scars and also to aid with hair restoration.

If you have scarring of any form and would like advice on whether fat transfer could help reduce the visible appearance, please do get in touch – Paul will give you an open and honest assessment.

With hair loss, recent research has shown that the injection of fat may help to stimulate hair follicles and so promote hair growth. This is used for the early stage off hair loss and can be an approach that is favourable to hair transplant.

It is worth noting that Paul was one of the first surgeons in the UK to be trained in the techniques of using fat transfer for hair restoration, this in keeping with his standing as an innovative surgeon who remains at the forefront of his profession.

Please note that Paul does not offer fat transfer to buttocks (Brazilian bum lift) at his Brighton clinic or elsewhere. This procedure is not approved by the leading association of British cosmetic surgeons and so, in keeping with all respected British surgeons, Paul is unable to perform this treatment.

About Paul

Paul might already be somewhat familiar to you through his profile as a leading surgeon who appears regularly on BBC, ITV and in national media

His profile is built on his expertise. Paul is a Visiting Professor of Plastic Surgery at Harvard Medical School and has held prestigious Fellowships around the world, including a Senior Fellowship at London’s famous Royal Marsden Hospital. He has also been published extensively in leading medical journals and research papers and has written three books

Please take the time to fully research any cosmetic surgeon you are considering contacting – you can read more about Paul and his qualifications and experience on his About Me section.

Contact Paul Today

To arrange a consultation, please contact Paul’s team today by calling 01342 330302. Appointments are available at his Brighton clinic.

The Banwell Clinic

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