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Labiaplasty Surgery London

Labiaplasty surgery in London is available with top cosmetic surgeon, Paul Banwell – a true specialist and perhaps your best option for labiaplasty in London.

Mr Banwell has carried out labia rejuvenation and labiaplasty surgery for many patients, with universally positive reviews.

Paul Banwell labiaplasty surgery

Suitability is always assessed via a thorough and considerate consultation in London’s wonderful Harley Street with all questions answered honestly. Surgery is only ever suggested when it is truly in a person’s best interests.

In this page, we will outline key details about labiaplasty surgery and also use a few words to speak of Paul Banwell and his status among the many fine surgeons operating in and around London.

What is Labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure that reduces or/and reshapes the size of the labia minora, these are the small inner lips of the vagina (vulva).

There are two standard reasons for why this treatment is sought.

The first is for comfort, an enlarged labia – whether this is through genetics, ageing, childbirth or other reason, can be uncomfortable, either on a near-permanent basis or when certain activities are undertaken.

Many forms of sport can be uncomfortable, or even rendered off-limits through discomfort, while sexual activity may also be negatively impacted.

In most instances, labia surgery could solve this problem, removing both the physical and emotional toll.

The second reason is aesthetic. There is no such thing as a perfect labia, but, as with so many aspects of appearance, any perceived issue can play greatly on our sense of self, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Labiaplasty surgery can tighten and reduce the size of the labia, creating the desired appearance.


Suitability can never be ascertained via a webpage, instead it would be discussed at a detailed consultation.

Any consultation with a leading surgeon should be obligation free with no pressure, nobody should feel forced into surgery.

Broadly speaking, those who have concerns about the appearance of their labia or have discomfort through an enlarged labia will be good candidates for surgery.

However, Mr Banwell would listen to you at the consultation, factor in your full medical history and recommend whatever is in your best interests.


A labiaplasty is typically performed under general anaesthetic – that is Mr Banwell’s preferred method though it can also be performed under local sedation.

The labia is then reshaped in line with the changes agreed at consultation.

It is impossible to describe the technique in detail when it would vary by patient. It is more important to note that Mr Banwell is a true specialist and so has a wide range of techniques and is perfectly equipped to both recommend the ideal change, and also then deliver this through surgery.


The patient can

  • return home the same day of the operation, although overnight stay is possible depending on the hospital location
  • Have Little downtime as light activities can be undertaken after 48 hours
  • Manage any minimal pain by mild painkillers
  • shower 72 hours post surgery
  • See that Swelling peaks within 2-3 days and rapid recedes in following weeks
  • Return to Sexual intercourse within 6 weeks




The patient satisfaction with labiaplasty surgery is extremely high. However, risks and complications apply to all forms of cosmetic surgery and labiaplasty is no different. Mr Banwell will discuss these in detail at the time of your consultations.

There are downloadable information sheets too on our website. However, the main (albeit minor) risks include bleeding, return to theatre, infection, dehiscence and delayed wound healing as well as an alteration in sensation.


Labiaplasty in London with Mr Banwell costs from £3680. The cost will includes surgical fees, hospital fees and specialist anaesthetist fee


About Paul

You might already be somewhat familiar with Paul as he is a regular face on TV and in national media because of his status as a leading cosmetic surgeon and thought leader in this area.

Published extensively, Paul is a Visiting Professor of Plastic Surgery at Harvard Medical School and has held prestigious Fellowships around the world, including a Senior Fellowship at London’s famous Royal Marsden Hospital.

Please take the time to fully research any cosmetic surgeon you are considering contacting – you can read more about Paul and his qualifications and experience on his About Me section.

Contact Paul Today

To arrange a consultation to discuss fat transfer procedures, please contact Paul’s team today by calling 01342 330302. Appointments are available at his London Harley Street Clinic.


About Harley Street:

Harley Street, located in Marylebone in central London has been famed since the 19th century for its large number of private specialists in medicine and surgery.

Many of the world’s leading surgeons and consultants have offices on Harley Streets, making it the hub of the UK medical profession. The street is named after Thomas Harley, Lord Mayor of London in 1767.

Famous former occupants include Lionel Logue, the speech therapist who helped King George VI overcome his stammer, and Charles Wilson, who was Winston Churchill’s personal physician.

Harley Street and Paul’s clinic are easily accessible – the nearest underground stations are Regent’s Park, Great Portland Street and Oxford Circus while central London railway stations Euston, Paddington, King’s Cross, St Pancras and Marylebone are all in close proximity,

Thank you so much for your surgery and your fantastic caring and positive attitude which makes so much difference for patients, me included!

Mike S.

I was kept well informed and thought it was excellent to see Mr Banwell before surgery, during recovery and afterwards to hear all went well. It was something that caused me discomfort and sensitivity and now I feel much happier not only with the appearance but more importantly it is much more comfortable for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr Banwell to my friends, he is truly professional yet has a nice relaxed manner which puts you at ease.

Helen S.

My whole experience was made comfortable by warm, friendly and welcoming nursing staff. Mr Banwell has a lovely bedside manner and was more than happy to discuss my worried however strange. At 37 years of age and after 4 children I never thought I would have the tummy of an 18 year old again, Mr Banwell is a very clever man.

Sara A.

During the time I have been in the care of Paul and the team I have been treated extremely well and very professionally, I could not have asked for better care. Paul was extremely caring and considerate throughout this time and has put me at ease during any procedures that I have had carried out. I trust his judgement completely and recommended Paul to a close family member who had a similar problem.

Frances W.

I am so happy with what Mr Banwell has done for me. It is clear that I was very well advised by Mr Banwell which type of implant would be best for me, as the end result I have is amazing and is completely natural. Also the care I received at the hospital was very pleasant, I actually enjoyed my stay there, and the procedure was pain free. From the overall experience I have had I would gladly recommend Mr Banwell to anyone.

Claire T.

I consider myself blessed when I came across you Mr Banwell. You performed my operation almost a year ago which I am pleased to say was a GREAT success. I am more than pleased with the results, my whole shape is so much more defined and I love it. From the first time I met you at my initial consultation, you put me at ease immediately and never pressured me at any point to undertake the operation, you also never tired of my questions and you offered me only professional sound guidance and advice. You as a surgeon I have found to be completely transparent, knowledgeable, educated beyond most surgeons (that I came across) and totally professional, your skills and attention to detail are second to none.

Susan C.


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