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Lip Lift Brighton

Lip lift surgery, available in Brighton through renowned cosmetic surgeon Paul Banwell, is a straightforward procedure that can have a profound impact on both appearance and self esteem.

Lip lift procedures have grown rapidly in popularity in recent years.

Paul Banwell lip enhancement

In years past, this aesthetic issue would likely only be addressed as part of a fuller face lift, but modern techniques have made it far easier to tackle individual issues without recourse to more major surgery.

Patients also have the option of lip fillers, these too can create the appearance of a lip lift, although they do not in reality alter the distance between the lip and the base of the nose.

Nevertheless, for many they will be a suitable option that produces the visible change desired.

Paul Banwell, a leading UK surgeon with a clinic in Brighton, can perform both the surgical lip lift operation, but also administer high-quality fillers for those for whom this is a more suitable option.

The options available at his clinics ensure the best approach is also chosen for each patient.

What is Lip Lift Surgery?

Lip lift is a procedure that corrects the distance between the bottom of the nose and the upper lip.

This distance is actually not fixed – as we age, it can grow with sagging of the skin caused by collagen depletion.

Surgery is quick – typically taking around an hour – and can be performed under local anaesthetic.

There are patients for whom the distance between the nose and upper lip has grown, and so the need for surgery or remedy only becomes apparent over time.

For others, the gap is a genetic or hereditary issue, perhaps apparent from a young age.

In common with any leading surgeon, Paul Banwell would factor the cause into the treatment.

Ultimately, however, the cause may be of little interest to the patient; what concerns them far more is whether treatment is possible.

You will be relieved to learn that, in the vast majority of cases, it is.

Why Have Lip Lift Surgery at our Brighton Clinic?

Lip lift surgery is never a medical necessity, the distance between nose and upper lip will not have health concerns – or at least not immediately obvious physical ones.

The benefit lies in the impact the aesthetic concern has on the individual. It may be that you feel the gap dominates the lower half of your face, it may nag away as a cause for concern.

There are in fact ‘ideal’ measurements for the philtrum (the distance between nose and top lip) – these are between 11 and 13mm for women and 13 to 15mm for men.

Does this mean that anyone who has a philtrum that is outside of this range should seek surgery?

Of course not, the range is merely used in anatomy books as ‘perfect’ using Phi or the Golden Ratio (Fibonacci Sequence).

Many will have a philtrum that is outside of this range and yet would never have given the distance between their upper lip and nose a moment’s thought.

As with so many aspects of cosmetic surgery, the benefit in treatment lies in how the individual perceives any part of their appearance.

For those who do have concerns, the impact can have a huge impact.

Concern about this, or any other aspect of our facial features, can impact greatly on self-esteem and confidence and sadly this can have an effect on many areas of our life.

Our work life can be affected, so too relationships. We are less than we should be.

This is often the true benefit of surgery and a change that is wonderful to see.

The physical change is noticeable, but it is often the change to self that is profound.

Results from Lip Lift Surgery

Also known as a batman lift or eagle lift, the lip lift addresses more than just the spacing between nose and upper lip.

The surgery will improve the Cupid’s Bow, with the lips taking on a more voluminous appearance.

Lip volume is enhanced, but not overly so – the mantra being surgery should make you look a superb version of yourself, but still yourself.

Post surgery and recovery, you will look that bit younger and the face that bit more balanced. Friends and family will notice that you look great, and this will likely shine through in your renewed confidence too, but you won’t have that look of ‘work having been done’.

It is important we mention scarring. Lip lift surgery will create a small, visible scar. This scar will be discreet – Paul Banwell can provide further information during initial consultation.

Lip Lift Via Fillers

Offering both surgical options and also fillers, Paul Banwell can advise as to the best option in your specific case.

Fillers can produce superb results and profound change, although they cannot lessen the distance in the philtral column.

Fillers will also need regular appointments, they are not a long-term option, instead repeat procedures are needed. Typically, fillers would be expected to produce results that last for around a year.

In a web page it is of course impossible to suggest which would be the best option for any individual prospective patient. Your surgeon would outline the results possible through each option during consultation and outline which option they would recommend, and their reasons for suggesting this course of action.

Natural-looking Results

Lip lift is a procedure, whether through surgery or fillers, that requires very careful adjustment. After all, the measurement is made in millimetres and so any adjustment has to be tiny. A small change makes a profound difference, making a big change would create an even bigger concern.

The aim of surgery is to improve the Cupid’s Bow and make a subtle adjustment to the philtrum. The skill and experience of the surgeon is crucial.

Many trained cosmetic surgeons and those who administer fillers can offer treatments, but the success of these lies in the surgeon or practitioner’s ability to get the results perfect.

A small variation in results can be the difference between the perfect Cupid’s Bow and one a little off, the perfect distance between nose and upper lip, or a distance that still isn’t quite right.

It is worth noting that while all surgeons will have medical qualifications, the same is not true for many who offer dermal fillers.

Almost anyone can set themselves up as a practitioner who offers dermal filler treatments, because the field of non-surgical procedures is wholly under-regulated.

Results can therefore vary greatly depending both on the quality of the fillers used and the individual’s level of experience and skill.

We recommend that anyone considering fillers still only considers a surgeon, trained doctor or practitioner with Save Face accreditation, rather than allowing just anyone to perform delicate injections into their face.

It is, of course, far better to see results than to write about them. Please take the time to browse before and after images on this site – Paul Banwell would also show you relevant examples during your consultation.

Post Surgery Recovery

Although undertaken by a cosmetic surgeon, this is not major surgery. It is performed under local anaesthetic and typically only takes around an hour to perform.

Stitches can come out after around a week post surgery and while there may be some mild pain post operation, this can be managed through standard painkillers.

Further details about the healing process would always be given both during consultation and also as part of the aftercare.

Paul Banwell would hold follow-up checks to ensure healing was as expected.

Next Steps

To book a consultation with Mr Banwell, please call 01342 330302 or use our Contact Form.

About Paul Banwell

Paul Banwell is an award-winning, internationally trained cosmetic surgeon with more than a decade’s experience.

Paul is a member of the British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS), British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

You might also have seen Paul on TV or other media outlets – a pioneer and leading voice in the field of cosmetic surgery he is demanded by major publishers and TV networks.

About Brighton 

(add from previous)

…the care I received was expert, professional and totally honest.

Mr Banwell provides an excellent service in pre-operation information, as well as total expertise and attention to detail in surgery. He was very informative and helpful after care.  I received excellent and sympathetic nursing care and anaesthetist. Mr Banwell has a very helpful practice manager and assistant.  My eyes have regained an ‘openness’ similar to my younger years. I no longer look tired.  I would highly recommend Mr Banwell to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.

Victoria B.

I would have no hesitation recommending Mr Banwell.

The results of the surgery were excellent. Four months after the surgery there is hardly any evidence of scarring. Mr Banwell was also very good at explaining the nature of the problem and the treatment.

Stephen L.

Mr Banwell exceeded all expectation as did his team. Excellent communication and explanation of all procedures. 100% punctual, 100% attentive. The operation was a stunning success and virtually invisible. The whole process of dealing with Paul and the team has been so simple and easy. Options and operational procedures were explained and executed superbly. A total professional and perfectionist who demonstrates great skill, care and knowledge. I would have no hesitation to recommend Paul Banwell. Quite simply, if you want the best, Paul is it!

Tim H.

Just to say a BIG thank you to you and your team for all the wonderful help and support you have given me over the last 1 ½ years. You have given me back my confidence thank you.

Jan G.


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