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Motiva Implants

Motiva Breast implants have grown rapidly in popularity in recent years and are now considered by many to be the most advanced implants available in the world.


A Motiva breast implant offers a range of advantages compared to other implants, with benefits to safety, aesthetics and also in making the surgery more straightforward with minimal scarring.


In this page, Paul Banwell, a leading British cosmetic surgeon specialising in Motiva implants, looks at some reasons for their popularity.

Motiva implant


What Are Motiva Implants?


Motiva Implants are implants for the breasts are developed and manufactured by Establishment Labs Motiva and are the result of more than 30 years’ of advanced breast implant manufacturing experience.


There are actually different options for Motiva Implants as will be outlined on this page, thus giving the surgeon and prospective patient even more choice to find the implant perfect for their needs.


There are two types of Motiva Implants. The top of the range premium implant – Motiva Ergonomix – aims for a natural look and feel, incorporating Motiva’s ProgressiveGelTM Ultima Silicone Gel.


The next most popular Motiva implant is Motiva Round which is used for a fuller profile using ProgressiveGelTM Plus Silicone Gel; this implant gives a fuller upper pole and tends to be chosen by younger patients wanting a more ‘obvious’ look.


More than a million Motiva implants have been sold globally, with hundreds of thousands of women benefitting from their design and safety expertise.


They are breast implants with clear advantages over other products.


What are the benefits of Motiva Implants?


Motiva breast implants are the latest generation of implants, building on all previous implants to produce something that is safer, retains shape and feel for longer and has advantages in both the look and feel of the breasts


Motiva utilise Smoothsilk technology in their shell design; this causes a minimal inflammatory response ensuring that the breasts and body do not react in a negative way to what is a foreign body; a problem that can be apparent with other implants, and has been a long term issue historically.


Smoothsilk is technology patented and unique to Motiva implants; it is a unique biocompatible surface, designed to minimise irritation and inflammation in the breasts and wider area.


Combined with their revolutionary gel technology – Motiva Ergonmix and Motiva Round both use progressivegel ultima – helps to ensure that breasts look and feel more natural.


Motiva implants retain their shape and have a superb mix of viscosity and elasticity, the Progressive Gel Ultima (Ergonomix implants move with the patient in both sitting and reclining positions) being the implant with the most natural look and feel.


The silicon gels used comply with ASTM F 703-07 Specification for Implantable Breast Prostheses -Section and have FDA approval.


How are Motiva Implants made?


The implants are manufactured to the highest standards, as Robert De Mezerville, Global Quality and Clinical Affairs Manager states: “Our quality standards for breast implants are the strictest in the industry and our production process is continually inspected by health authorities from high vigilance countries, resulting in more than 60 countries with regulatory approval worldwide.”


One specific benefit of the exceptional elasticity is that the implants can be inserted with smaller incisions (so-called ‘mini-scar’ technique) and thus this minimal scarring has been very popular with patients. The mini scar can be achieved using a Keller Funnel and the Ergonomix implants and represents the Gold Package offered by Mr Banwell and his team.


Shape Retention


motiva ergonomix
laying down vs standing up credit:motiva implants


The elasticity and shape retention properties minimise rippling and ensure that secondary surgery in years to come should be less likely


Motiva implants can also be accompanied by the most complex and advanced range of implant projections (breast implant matrix). This 3D scanning enables prospective patients to have a 3d scan and this will then be used to inform the type of implant used and the size and shape.


The scan is carried out pre consultation and it is possible to share the images with family and friends, this enabling people to get the opinion of others as to the exact size of implant to consider.


The technology from Motiva is removing all guesswork from the field of breast implants and breast surgery, patient and surgeon instead have a 3D visual of that person for how they will look post-surgery.


This Crisalix 3D breast scanning is available through Paul Banwell’s clinics.


A further benefit of Motiva implants is that their warranties are unmatched in the UK – this also a sign of their enduring quality – companies can only offer lengthy extended warranties as standard when their products do not fail.


All Motiva Implants are covered by the Always Confident Warranty against rupture, and by a Product Replacement Policy against Baker Grades III and IV of capsular contracture for a period of 10 years.

Extended Warranty Programs can also be available.


Motiva Implants UK: Safety and Effectiveness


The SmoothSilk design and safety technology greatly reduces the risk of post-surgery infection and complication – these implants have an overall complication rate of less than 1%. This compares favourably to teh safety and effectiveness of any rival product available for breast surgery.


The implants also use another form of technology unique to Motiva Implants – BluSeal.


Motiva Breast Implants and BluSeal


BluSeal is a barrier layer all-round the implant that is light blue in colour with a light blue biocompatible tint that allows surgeons to visually confirm the barrier layer’s integrity.


This visible barrier means a surgeon can easily check that the implant does not have any manufacturing errors in the shell – Motiva breast mplants use the most advanced manufacturing techniques to minimise the risk of defect, BluSeal then makes it easy to confirm this is the case.


It is of course essential that any implant has an intact barrier layer, this preventing gel leakage, BluSeal is the advancement that makes it easy for surgeons to be certain of any implant’s complete integrity.


6th Gen Breast Implant


Motiva is a sixth-generation implant, this in contrast to many rivals that are far earlier generations. In real terms, this means that the design greatly reduces risk of infection and bacteria build-up.


Establishment Labs Motiva’s own research shows the implants:


  • minimize inflammation and maximize biocompatibility (i.e. lower bacteria and biofilm formation);
  • enable implant insertion via smaller incisions (thereby decreasing associated risks); and
  • reduce the risk of double capsules and late seromas


A further safety feature available with Motiva breast implants is optional Qid/Q Inside Safety Technology. This is an optional RFID microtransponder system that lets patients and doctors verify important implant information instantly, easily and non-invasively.


There is Clinical Trial and Clinical Study information further down this page that deals with safety of implants after surgery.


How Do I Get Motiva Implants?


Mr Paul Banwell Breast Surgeon
Paul Banwell, approved motiva surgeon

The first step is to find an approved local centre or surgeon – the Motiva site has a tool for searching via surgeon name, clinic or location.


It is worth noting that Paul Banwell is an approved Motiva breast implants surgeon.


Any prospective patient should then book a consultation, the clinic or surgeon might then arrange for you to have the full 3D scan prior to the consultation so that potential results of surgery can be discussed with the help of visual aid.


At consultation, there would be ample time for surgeon and patient to discuss the aims for surgery, the size and shape of breast and to talk through any concerns.


If surgery was then booked in, after care would be thorough, including appointments to check healing was as expected.


Paul Banwell’s surgery after care includes several appointments with nursing staff as well as Paul himself as well as a lifelong follow-up policy for all breast surgery patients – this is a unique approach.


What About Clinical trials and Clinical Studies?


As with all breast implants and cosmetic procedures, there has been investigational work in the form of clinical trials and clinical studies to assess the safety, performance and effectiveness of the Motiva range of implants.


Clinical research into Motiva breast implants has returned hugely positive results relating to their safety and effectiveness.


We believe that your research should include a look at some of these clinical trials and clinical studies of patients who have had implant surgery in the United Kingdom, United States and worldwide. Please take the time to read the conclusions of a clinical trial or clinical study.


One three-year evaluation study looked at 5,813 cases of women using Motiva Breast Implants, including the smooth silk silksurface, This study concluded the implants are “associated with very low rates of complication and reoperation, and that the nano-textured SilkSurface implant is associated with fewer complications than micro-textured implants.”


There are close to 20 clinical studies and reports listed on the Motiva site, with links through to each (the vast majority have open access). These are independent studies into the safety technology of Motiva products like the breast implants smoothsilk silksurface.


It is also worth noting that there is an ongoing longer-term clinical study


Motiva Breast Implants: FAQs


What are Motiva implants?

Motiva implants are 100% filled, smooth surface silicone breast implants designed to be natural looking. They are made look by medtech company, Establishment Labs


How long do Motiva implants last?

Motiva implants may last between 10 and 20 years but it varies with individuals. Breast implants can need replacing if problems occur which can occur earlier or later than 10 years.


What are Motiva implants made of?

Motiva implants are made of medical grade silicone. Motiva Ergonomix uses an adaptive elastic and soft silicone gel called ProgressiveGelTM Ultima Silicone Gel. Motiva Round implants use balanced elastic silicone gel called ProgressiveGelTM Plus Silicone Gel.


What is Motiva Ergonomix?

Motiva Ergonomix is a premium breast implant from Motiva that is designed to imitate the look and feel of natural breasts by applying ergonomic priciples.


Are Motiva implants textured?

Motiva implants are not macro textured but use smooth surface implant technloogy


Can you keep breast implants for life?

Breast implants are not guaranteed to last for life but tend to be replaced only when problems occur. This can vary with individual but replacement between 10 and 20 years is not uncommon.


Are Motiva implants silicone?

Motiva implants are medical grade silicone. Their two main implants Motiva Round and Motiva Ergonomix uses their proprietary ProgressiveGelTM Ultima Silicone Gel


Where Can I Read Motiva Implant Reviews?

You can read motiva implant reviews on that are independent and verified reviews on many sites such as the RealSelf website which features hundreds of reviews and also before and after photos.


Are Motiva Breast Implants Approved?

Motiva breast implants are not approved by the FDA in the U.S. They received an IDE (investigational device exemption) from the FDA to embark on a clinical trial of implants in primary breast augmentation, primary breast reconstruction or revision breast surgery in the United States. The company hopes for FDA approval by 2022. The implants are CE approved.


What if I Have Further Questions?

If you have any questions about the Motiva Implants, whether that is relating to the procedures, the technology, the difference between types of implants (for example Motiva Ergonomix and Motiva Round) or any other area please contact Paul Banwell and his team.

Paul and his team understand that considering plastic or cosmetic surgery for the breast or any area of the body is not a decision undertaken lightly. There are always questions and every prospective patient should be fully informed.

Please talk to us today on 01342 330302 or email



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