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Non-Surgical Double Chin Removal

Anyone concerned about the appearance of a double chin can now seek remedy through a non-surgical procedure that has full approval, including from the FDA.

The treatment, called Belkyra, is truly revolutionary.

There are many non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures that can address concerns relating to appearance, but these have not been suitable for treating a double chin.

Dermal fillers, for instance, can address lines and wrinkles and even strengthen the jaw, but they cannot remove fat; similarly, Botox is of no use when a double chin is the concern.

This has often left prospective patients with a choice between doing nothing, leaving the chin as it is, or opting for full cosmetic surgery.

Belkyra fills this gap, it is a non-surgical remedy for the double chin, removing the fat and leaving new definition.

Belkyra Injections UK

The appearance of a double chin – or submental fat or fullness – is common as we age, indeed data from the United States suggests that up to 68% of adults are affected by this condition to some degree.

However, this fat below the chin and jawline is very hard for any individual to address through simple changes to their diet or exercise regime.

While good diet and exercise are always to be recommended, neither is suited to targeting fat in one specific area. We all have a natural propensity to store fat in certain regions and so this fat is very often the last for the body to eliminate.

As you may have found, no amount of cutting calories or going for jogs will do much to address signs of a double chin in the short or medium term.

Belkyra, the first and only non-surgical treatment to have FDA approval for use under the chin and jawline, is therefore likely to be suitable for anyone who is in good overall Belkyra but wants to address this aesthetic concern.

The cause for the double chin is ultimately irrelevant, whether it is ageing, genetics or through some weight gain as in all cases the treatment required is the same – to remove the excess fat from this region.

It is worth noting that Belkyra is not a treatment for overall weight loss, instead it is to tackle a specific build-up of fat for aesthetic purposes.

The Non-Surgical Double Chin Removal Process

Belkyra works by causing the rapid destruction of fat cells in the targetted area, this achieved by breaking down the cell membrane.

The fat is then naturally dispelled over the coming weeks and months.

Belkyra works by building on processes that already occur in the body. The injection contains a synthetic formulation of deoxycholic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body and aids the destruction of dietary fat.

The formulation only targets fat cells, no other cells or tissue are affected by the injection.

Injections are made through an ultra-fine needle, these causing mild discomfort at most and this quickly passes and ice can be used to minimise discomfort.

Each treatment will typically last between 15 and 20 minutes and it is usual to have a number of treatments, often between two and four, and these spread out roughly a month apart.

Opting for multiple smaller treatments enables results to be more closely monitored, ensuring enough fat is ultimately removed but not too much.

Permanent Results Achieved

A huge benefit of this form of non-invasive fat loss procedure is that results achieved are permanent. The fat cells are killed off and so it is impossible for them to store fat in future.

Results are therefore considered permanent. Post the initial series of injections, there will be no requirement for future follow-up procedures.

Belkyra Cost

As a non-surgical treatment, Belkyra is an affordable option.

Prices will vary based on the number of treatments required and also the amount of injectable required in a treatment. However, Paul Banwell is fully open with his prices and an obligation-free quote would always be provided during consultation, for the patient to consider at their leisure.

Recovery From Double Chin Fat Loss Injections

In contrast to a surgical procedure, there is no recovery period to speak of – at most there is likely to be some mild symptoms as outlined below that can be managed through standard painkillers.

Post-treatment, it is possible to go about the rest of your day as usual, though it is common to take it a bit easy for a short while.

Mild side effects can include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Redness
  • Hardness around the treatment area.

Less common side effects include

  • Trouble swallowing
  • Nerve injury to the marginal mandibular nerve that can cause an uneven smile.

It is worth noting that these rare side effects resolve inside a month in most instances.

The safety of Belkyra is demonstrated by the fact it has been the focus of a global clinical development program, this involving more than 20 clinical trials and 2,600 patients globally.

Availability of Non-Surgical Double Chin Treatment

Paul Banwell, a leading cosmetic surgeon who has been named in The UK’s Top 100 Doctors by The Times, is one of a select band of UK experts who can administer this revolutionary treatment.

If you would like further information, or a consultation to ascertain suitability, please contact us.

Please call 01342 330302 or use our Contact Form.

About Paul Banwell

Paul Banwell is an award-winning, internationally trained cosmetic surgeon with more than a decade’s experience.

Paul is a member of the British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS), British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

You might also have seen Paul on TV or other media outlets – a pioneer and leading voice in the field of cosmetic surgery he is demand by major publishers and TV networks.

Consultations are available in London’s Harley Street where he also holds regular clinics to check and remove moles.

To book a consultation please call 01342 330302 or use the Contact Form.


I wanted to thank you for the work you have done on me. The results are really coming in to place and looking great!! I have recovered really well and it’s all down to your brilliant work.

Cheryl M.

Now that I have been ‘signed off’ I just want to thank you so much for all your care, expertise and advice. I am so happy with the result of my surgery; it has bought back a confidence which I had lost, and enabled me to wear clothes which previously wouldn’t have suited me. I will know where to come if I decide I need anything else improved!

Catriona S.

You were very knowledgeable about every part of the procedure and that is why I chose you over any other surgeon/clinic. Nearly 5 years on and I am very pleased with the results of my operation and have had no problems and they look so natural and have built my confidence so much.

Sam M.

I went to see Mr Banwell to get reassurance about the moles and blemishes which have been steadily growing since I was a young adult. 30 years ago we were not aware of the dangers of the sun and burning on holiday way an annual ritual. Thankfully we are all now aware that the sun damage can cause skin cancer and the changes in my moles mean I have a precautionary approach, particularly as older family members have had tumours removed. Paul knows exactly what he was looking for and studied each and every mole methodically. The two he highlighted for treatment were two of the least innocuous (in my opinion) which surprised me. Clearly to the trained eye they needed removal. I have since had an excision of one and due to have photo dynamic therapy treatment for the small red mark on my nose later this year. Without seeing Paul, this minor irritation would have been left and could possibly have created problems later in life. I advocate regular checks for anyone with moles and skin blemishes. The technology now is so impressive and it makes absolutely sense to take full advantage of Paul’s expertise.

Gabrielle S.

I am so happy with the results of my surgery.

Mr Banwell’s care of my daughter was excellent – he is a great communicator with children. The hospital staff was very helpful and efficient. The surgery is very neat with minimal scarring – I’m sure it will make a big difference to her life as she grows up.

Elena W.


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