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Skin Tag Removal Brighton

Consultant specialist Paul Banwell is an expert for skin tag removal in Brighton, providing outstanding results with minimal scarring. Mr Banwell’s clinics cover the South East and London area, where he has built a highly revered reputation as a specialist in effective skin tag removal, along with many other plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.


Skin Tag Removal Brighton Paul Banwell

Just as with mole removal, some skin tags require surgical removal with the help of a trained specialist in order to minimise scarring to the skin and bleeding following the procedure. Skin tag removal is a popular and common treatment and Mr Banwell looks forward to assisting clients in Brighton, looking for help with removing skin tags and moles.



If you’d like more information about skin tag removal in Brighton, please contact the clinic on 01342 330302 or email


What are skin tags?

Skin tags are lightly-coloured growths that hang off the skin, sometimes causing embarrassment or irritation for those who have them. They are usually harmless and can be removed often without complication.  


Skin tags vary in size and are commonly found in areas such as the neck, groin, armpits, eyelids, under the breasts and in the folds of the buttocks. Skin tags can develop suddenly, since they are made of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels, found naturally in the body. 


Some conditions make people more prone to skin tags such as obesity and pregnancy, however oftentimes skin tags can develop for no apparent reason.


Why choose Paul Banwell for skin tag removal in Brighton?

Although skin tags are harmless and usually go unnoticed, many people choose to opt for skin tag removal if they are experiencing issues with self esteem or discomfort as a result of their skin tags. Skin tag removal is considered to be cosmetic surgery, and should be carried out by an experienced professional since some skin tags require surgical removal.


Mr Banwell has a wealth of experience helping Brighton patients with mole and skin tag removal, and with over 15 years in the industry, he has become a valued leader in this field. Skin tags can be a nuisance and Mr Banwell is used to treating patients and providing solutions to their medical and cosmetic needs.   


As an internationally recognised, trusted plastic surgeon who is highly regarded for a range of cosmetic and surgical skin procedures in Brighton and across the South East of England, Mr Banwell is expertly placed to help with skin tag removal.


What happens during the skin tag removal procedure?

Some skin tags are able to be removed without the need for cutting the skin however sometimes excision – the need to cut the skin and apply stitches – may be required. Mr Banwell is experienced in carrying out all methods of skin tag and mole removal and can advise on the best course of action during an initial consultation.


Skin tag removal can usually be carried out under local anaesthetic while the patient is still awake, however in certain circumstances, sedation or general anaesthetic may be required. This procedure is usually quick and skin tag removal Brighton patients are often able to carry on with their usual daily routines not long after the procedure is complete.


Removing skin tags: Next steps

If you’re thinking about having your skin tags removed in Brighton and would like to book a consultation with Paul Banwell, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Book your consultation at The Banwell Clinic Brighton to discuss the procedure and next steps for skin tag removal. Please email or call 01342 330302.


About The Banwell Clinic, Brighton

Mr Banwell offers affordable and effective skin tag removal in Brighton and across the South East of England. His clinics cover East Grinstead, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Haywards Heath and Brighton. 


He regularly consults from his premises on Harley Street in central London and is an ambassador for several charitable organisations as well as a familiar contributor in national media.


A Visiting Professor of Plastic Surgery to Harvard Medical School, Mr Banwell has an enviable reputation worldwide, receiving accolades from Tatler magazine, the BBC, The Times (UK’s Top 100 Doctors) and many other UK publications. 


About Brighton

Brighton is located in East Sussex, on the south coast of England and approximately 76km south of London. It is part of the unitary authority Brighton and Hove, and is known to be a popular seaside destination, often described as the UK’s ‘hippest’ and ‘happiest place to live’. 


Brighton was granted city status in 2000 and is well known for its shopping and high population of independent shops, adding to its distinguished character. 

The team at the McIndoe Surgical Centre who looked after me were very friendly and helpful. They calmed me down and put to rest any last minute concerns. I love the outcome of the surgery and would definitely recommend Mr Banwell to other people.

Francesca L.

Dear Mr Banwell I am writing to thank you, Kim and the rest of the lovely staff at the McIndoe. I was very nervous when I first met you, about having surgery but realised that it was a necessary evil. I need not have been worried, as from our initial consultation to surgery to full recovery, you have all been amazing.  You have changed my life – for the first time ever I have had some photos taken of me and my children. I stand taller and feel so much happier with life. I have even started my own business. I never realised that it would have had such a profound effect – and it didn’t hurt!! Thank you again.  I wish you and your team lots of health, luck and happiness.

Pamela C.

I was very happy with the care during the surgery and the team were friendly and efficient.  I was very happy with the outcome of the surgery and I would recommend Mr Banwell to others.

Rita C.

I was referred to Mr Paul Banwell in February 2010 when I was diagnosed with an advanced melanoma in the lymph nodes in my left groin.  At my consultation he explained in layman’s terms my diagnosis and all details regarding the operation I needed.  Mr Banwell operated on 27th February 2010. The operation was a complete success – he has removed all the cancer as subsequent scans have proven.  I then spent seven days recuperating in the McIndoe Surgical Centre in East Grinstead under Mr Banwell’s and his specialised teams care. They were all wonderful. Mr Banwell was at my bedside every morning to check my progress. His kindness and caring knew no bounds. He made all my fears and anxieties groundless and replaced them with optimism for a great feature and my aftercare was first class.  I would recommend this highly professional, dedicated, humane family man to all who need any medical intervention. He is the best. How do you thank a man who gives you your life back? There are no adequate words.

Pauline W.

My care was efficient and effective, the office staff were excellent and the clinic clean. Mr Banwell did a very good job under difficult circumstances given the length of time the BCC had been there. I would definitely recommend Mr Banwell.

Anthea C.

I was made to feel at ease with everything. Nothing was too much, lots of care and thought. Pain was very minimal. Lots of follow up care which was first class. I got exactly what I wanted, I have a lovely new look which I could not achieve on my own. If something is bothering you and you can not get to your goal there is help. I had an excellent experience.

Margaret S.


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