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Bespoke Breast Surgery: Evolution in Aesthetics

30th July 2020

Breast enhancement has continually evolved over the last decade in an attempt to provide women with as many options as possible. Empowerment is the key and Mr Paul Banwell, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, now offers his patients some exciting novel choices.

Mr Paul Banwell is one of the ‘go-to’ plastic surgeons for cosmetic breast surgery in the UK and whilst he has been featured in Tatler and is a beauty editor favourite, he goes about his business in a quiet, methodical and friendly manner.

He has been working with breast implant companies and technology firms to refine and improve breast surgery over recent years and is delighted to work closely with Establishment Labs and Motiva as one of their educators and Key Opinion Leaders.


New emerging concepts are gaining huge traction in the UK and abroad as patients become more savvy and demanding the very best in breast implant technology and latest surgical techniques. Mr Banwell has very much been at the forefront of these developments and has been innovating for some years.

One of the major advancements in breast augmentation surgery is the development of the latest generation nanosurface implants from Motiva. In an attempt to mimic the natural feel of the breast and ‘natural bounce’ they have focussed on the so-called ‘ergonomy’ of the implant with their aptly named Motiva Ergonomix range.


These implants use a uniquely moveable gel which result in a very realistic appearance and movement when standing and laying down. The state of the art nanosurface shell (neo smooth or new smooth according to the ISO classification) helps to minimize inflammatory complications and in particular the rate of capsular contracture (it has the lowest rates of any breast implant).

Furthermore they have developed patented microchip technology for patient safety purposes and allows easy access to implant data in case patients lose their paperwork (very common indeed!).

“In my opinion Motiva implants are the most advanced in the world and thus I am delighted to be able to offer them to my patients; I constantly receive glowing comments from my patients about how soft and natural they feel”


Mr Banwell also offers specialist Bespoke Breast techniques using Motiva implants as his cornerstone but also offering combinations with fat transfer for volume and regenerative medicine techniques and stem cell therapies for improve skin quality and thickness.

He also utilises the latest 3D computerised imaging techniques with augmented reality capability. Patients can submit pictures securely online using Mr Banwell’s special access code to then observe the potential outcomes of augmentation surgery in the comfort of their own home.

“The Banwell HYBA technique offer a truly bespoke approach to breast enhancement surgery with minimal scarring”

‘This concept transcends breast augmentation and also applies to composite/hybrid techniques for breast reduction and uplift surgeries too”

If you are interested in learning more about Motiva Implants in the UK, minimal-scar breast augmentation, hybrid breast augmentation techniques, HYBA, nanofat regenerative medicine or fat transfer please call 01342 330302 or email help@paulebanwell

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