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Latest computerized breast imaging and sizing techniques in the UK.

4th June 2019

The decision to embark upon cosmetic surgery is a big one and it is vital to do your research, ensure your surgeon has impeccable credentials and that you have total confidence in their ability.

When it comes to breast enlargement surgery specifically, one of the biggest concerns and dilemmas may be choosing the correct breast implant size (breast implant volume). Traditionally, breast implant sizers have been used but more and more implant manufacturers no longer supply these due to cost constraints and hygiene issues. The Rice Bag Trick still remains the gold standard method of deciding upon implant size and this can be performed repeatedly in the comfort of your own home using a variety of different clothes from one’s wardrobe.

Paul Banwell book your Crisalix 3D Imaging

However, there has also been growing interest over recent years in the role of  technology and computerised 3-D imaging techniques, virtual reality and augmented reality. Mr Banwell was one of the first in the UK to use the Motiva Imagine system which was a very powerful method of  imaging a patient’s breast and showing predicted outcome. The market leaders in breast imaging technologies, Crisalix, have now collaborated with Motiva to produce the most powerful 3D breast imaging available on the market today. The new iPad-based system is lightweight and extremely powerful with a host of exciting applications and features; these innovations also allow Mr Banwell to email you some of the images to help you decide upon implant size and type – and indeed share them on-line if you so wish to gain opinion and ideas from the  Crisalix community.

You are welcome to book in for a complimentary Crisalix breast imaging scan here at the Banwell Clinic so please call 01342 330302 or email

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