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Natural Breast Augmentation & ‘Mini Boob Jobs’

6th October 2020

Mr Paul Banwell, Consultant Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon based in Harley Street and Sussex, discusses the rise in requests for natural breast augmentation and mini boob jobs.


Paul Banwell Breast HomeWhat trends have you seen in breast augmentation surgery over recent years?
Breast augmentation still remains the number one cosmetic procedure in the UK and there seems to be a huge rise in the desire for a shapely but natural result. Whilst I like to tailor breast enhancement according to patient wishes, the ‘fake’ look even amongst younger patients seems to be becoming less popular and has been replaced by requests for a more natural look. A ‘mini boob job is within this realm of creating a natural breast but uses relatively small implants to facilitate this.

breast fat transferWhat type of implants are patients requesting?
I have seen a huge shift over recent years towards a desire for smaller, so-called ‘Ergonomix’ implants and combining these with hybrid or composite techniques (fat transfer). These implants give a much more natural shape and allow a focused tailoring to the patient. As well as the huge choice (matrix) of available implants they carry huge advantages in terms of optimising the eventual breast shape. The combination with fat transfer is the crème de la crème of breast augmentation surgery. Mr Banwell uses his signature HYBA technique where he uses breast implants and three different forms of fat transfer – macro-fat, micro-fat and nanofat to create and sculpt the breast.

Paul E Banwell
Mr Paul Banwell

What should patients look out for when choosing their breast implants?
There is no doubt that patients are doing more and more research before seeking a consultation and they are becoming more discerning in their questions and requests. However, there are still many things that are misunderstood by many patients and so I believe the consultation process is crucial to ensure good quality information is imparted and that the patient understands the nuances in breast augmentation. Make sure that you see your surgeon at least twice before surgery and ensure that they use implants with a comprehensive guarantee. Please also remember that implants are not for life.

motiva ergonomix
laying down vs standing up credit:motiva implants

Are there any exciting new developments in breast augmentation surgery?
Some of the breast augmentation companies continue to invest heavily into the future in a quest for novel developments in implant materials and in particular into the texturing process. Motiva manufactured by Establishment Labs have manufactured perhaps the most technologically-advanced breast implant to date using BlueSeal technology, improved ergonomy, a nanosurface shell and revolutionary microchip technology. These features have culminated in the production of a very strong but very soft, naturally-feeling breast which are loved by all our patients.

Paul Banwell is one of the foremost cosmetic breast surgeons in the UK today. He is a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for a major international breast implant company (Motiva) and regularly lectures worldwide on breast implants.

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