3D lipo is here at the Banwell Clinic!

WE are very excited to now be offering 3D lipo in the clinic. This treatment has taken the cosmetic medicine market by storm as a fantastically effective non-surgical method of contouring to remove stubborn areas of fat as well as providing skin tightening and cellulite improvement. Cryolipolysis, cavitation, radiofrequency and endemology options are all available. 

Sun protection and golf

Mr Banwell was quoted in Woman & Golf this month with top tips to stay safe in the sun. By all means enjoy your golf but also beware – golfers are at higher risk of skin cancer than the normal population. Remember to wear your hat, use sunglasses and apply SPF regularly! see www.paulebanwell.com for more details or www.skinhealth.org.uk


Sun awareness on the golf course

Toni & Guy feature Paul Banwell’s sun tips

Mr Paul Banwell Cosmetic Surgeon and skin expert was quoted in Toni & Guy’s style magazine with top advice regarding keeping your skin looking youthful, luminous and soft with the latest products from Rationale Skin Care as well as guarding against the dangers of the sun.

Nathan Ford artist – Mr Banwell is a fan

Nathan Ford is a truly talented artist and Mr Banwell came across his work fairly recently via the Victor Felix Gallery. His images are striking and evoke considerable emotion.

Rationale Skin Care Specialists

Mr Paul Banwell, Plastic Surgeon and skin specialist has just seen the new skin specialists from Rationale. Specially formulated to help treat sensitive skins and Rosacea, you can be certain these are cutting edge formulations. Contact Mr Banwell’s office now on 0845 2600 261 for further information

Rationale's latest 'Skin Specialists'

Mr Banwell in sun care feature in Real People

Mr Banwell was mentioned in Real People magazine and quoted on sun care and the role of sun cream. Remember to pay attention in the sun – use a hat, sunglasses, SPF, vitamin D supplements, antioxidant serums and niacinamide


Vitamin D article in Red Magazine

Mr Banwell was quoted extensively in Red magazine today exploring aspects of Vitamin D and sun protection. Please look in news and media for the full article

Luscious Lips from Queen Judi!

Judi, our lovely aesthetic nurse is available for a relaxed, complimentary consultation to discuss your non-surgical requirements. Talking to Judi yesterday, it appears as though luscious lips are definitely back on the menu and lip fillers/lip augmentation seem s to be very popular at the Banwell Clinic at the moment. Mr Banwell is happy to discuss fillers for lips and enhancing your natural beauty at any one of his clinics in East Grinstead, Haywards Heath, Tunbridge Wells, Worthing and London